Elige an aesthetic treatment to rejuvenate the roster without returning to the surgery

The aesthetic medicine treatments are constantly increasing during these failures and we are the ones who consider what we are trying to do to help us renew our rostrum and ‘save’ the pace of time. According to Paloma Cuenca, Director of the Golden Clinic and Juana Silva, Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine at the same center, “In times of a paradoxical pandemic, Aesthetic Medicine has suffered a notable breakthrough in the last few months. It influences the entry of one more client Following a study by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine 4 out of 10 Spaniards carry out some aesthetic retouching from 26 years old, influenced by its majority on social media. This type of patient seeks a natural, discreet and reversible tendency, motivated for the prevention of preventive health.

Among the most requested treatments are treatments such as the baba botox, which consist of discreet and clean retakes that embellish the mirada, the zone most visible from which we lift mascara, the rellenos dermicos con hyaluronic acid también son very demanding, and especially the lab relleno. Hecho, our point is, this is the most accomplished treatment these last months, and if they produce a small amount of inflammation the first 24 hours can dissolve perfectly with the mascara.

Other treatments are very popular among those who help treat acne, very satisfied in these months only by young men, being among the general debiders in the prolonged use of mascara, which creates a friction in the skin that appears at the time ‘ the masks’. “Thanks to aesthetic medical treatments and good facial hygiene, we can control and eliminate them,” he said.

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Brought up by a qualified professional

If you are doing aesthetic medicine treatment and, above all, plastic surgery, you will always be in the care of a qualified professional. In this sense, Dr. Francisco Gómez Bravo, President of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP) notes that, “Security and health are sufficient motives for patients to always be open to trust and the needs of a specialist with the experience and adequate preparation to achieve a treatment of these characteristics ”.

Thus, the physician records that if it is considering a surgical procedure, it is a plastic surgeon. Many professional medical professionals are immediately capable of delivering minimally invasive cosmetic treatment treatments such as the application of botox, lotions and lasers within the campus of aesthetic medicine. “The step to surgical interventions is its” major words “, the risks and the consequences for the health are much more significant and by the Mayor of the developed countries, between which is Spain by supuesto, requires a special specialization” , says Dr. Gómez Bravo.

In continuation, we will explain what these treatments consist of.

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