El triste recuerdo de una mujer val Navidad de Carlos Rivera binne

Finally, the artist of the moment Carlos Rivera, can enjoy one of his favorite epochs to reunite as every year with his family, without embarrassment, this moment is accompanied by a sad record of a very special woman in his life.

During these days that inundan de hlegares the hogares, the most popular mexican interpreter, Carlos Rivera abrió su corazón y reveló acerca de algunos recuerdos sad that inevitably accompanies this Navidad.

Cabe records that the singer tlaxcalteca has lost during losses like one of her best friends in “The Academy“,” Hiromi Hiayakawa, but also one of the women who made very important in his life, his abuelita, which manifests itself as the most extraordinary during these eras.

The song “Qué lo nuestro se quede nuestro”, reveals in an interview the sentiments found that the producer has the legacy of these parties.

There are many congratulations in that the celebrities in the family rode on the spirit of Christmas, a rich price and rules, without embarrassment, the artist recorded with sadness that he was not present and were exactly the ones he had. también se hacen presentes las las epodas navideñas.

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Happily, the artist’s loss pertains to life in these days have new years, because it is inevitable that nostalgia invades the strings of music every Christmas.

There is a compartment where the relationship between them is very special, affect the line, both originals of the state of Tlaxcala, in the municipality of Huamantla, a zone near the top of this entity.

The last time he was greeted with an affectionate abrasive compartment, a gesture that was considered “the most special” was not very common in it, according to the song in some of his publications on social media.

My most special Christmas was the last one with me, which I did not know was the last one, comment.

Including, in other instances that the same thing has happened to be the great love and homage that he gave to his record, proof of this is an image that shared a 02 November, as well as dedicated to his memory.

Hoy nueve años después, seguramente ella se sentiría mucho orgullosa de ver donde se encuentra el cantante in est moments, el famoso novio de la conductora Cynthia Rodríguez discuss your step to become one of the artists of Hispanic language with mayor successful in the music industry at the moment.

Asimismo, transcended in the last weeks that the artist and his novice, the conductor Cynthia Rodríguez, found a house in the prestigious zone of the “Pedregal”, according to information, the couple did not sleep and there was no furniture, , the plans of famous employees of even more form for what is presumed to be working to complete his marriage to a large family.

Cabe mentions that at the moment the couple has not confirmed or denied this notice and that they manage the support of their very private staff and also includes many things related to their relationship in their respective accounts.

Without embarrassment, these versions were flown by images shared by the “Ventaneando” media so many months ago that Cynthia and Carlos Rivera were caught inside a bright furniture store.

Travels of the rooms are able to appreciate the moment when they are repairing the pavilions of the establishment admiring some of the pieces, they are presumably valoraban the type of decoration that could give them their new hogar.

Recently, the appearance of a song in a special program that was made in the brand of the Legacy of Navidad, Rivera deleted to his admirers interpreting his most recent theme, “100 years”, song that grabbed a duet at a distance with “Maluma” .

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Fue in the program “Posada entre Brothers” broadcast on the night of the past Saturday, December 20, will be heard as one of the invited artists together with a large number of figures among those who will be seen in Emmanuel, Manuel Mijares, Christian Nodal, María José, among many others.