‘El mejor tapabocas de Colombia’: Duván Vergara, champion América de Cali | Colombian football | Betplay League

America de Cali has its 15th star in Colombian football and has one manager: Juan Cruz Real. Due to a lack of criticism, the Argentine DT will demonstrate its ability to lead a great Colombia, and with dedication and a plasma game style, it will be associated with the title of the League in 2020.

Finalized the encounter in Bogotá, which took place in Santa Fe with a result of 2-0, but with a global marker of 3-2 in favor of the scaled team, the camera of the ‘mecha’ of conversion in a solemn party, and fue alli en donde Duván Vergara, maxi figura de América de Cali, se refirió a la gran labor de Cruz Real, luego de las multiples critique que recibió el DT tras su arribo al equipo del Valle del Cauca.

Ahora Cruz Real has already completed its promise to go to Buga on fire and paint the red carpet. Here are the best tapabocas from Colombia “, dijo el extremo entre risas y con la emotion eberse quedado con el titulo.

For the last time, the attacker of 24 years responded to the Argentine technique, increasing his work in the middle of a difficult time.

“Demo that it’s great, we really want it. “If the importers are champions we have no, we will always demonstrate the carignment we have,” he concluded.