El covid-19 af EEUU ‘está fuera de control’, asegura Anthony Fauci

Washington, United States

The principal epidemiologist of the Casa Blanca, Anthony Fauci, reconstructs this Tuesday that the pandemic is under control in United States, which is a record number of hospitalizations.

“We are in a position, as we call it, Jim, which is, of course, in control of many aspects” Fauci in an interview with CNN television.

“If we see the evolution of the finals of the winter, comienzos de la primavera de 2020, we have a pico of contagios, otro repunte a principle de verano, y justo ahora estamos en un pico, cuyo empeoramiento, cuya inflection is muy aguda “.

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Aggregate that EE.UU. is in a “very difficult” situation but has never been to a point of reference, in terms of the contagios, “it is possible to control the communion expansion through identification, Islam and the continuity of contacts”.

For this reason, he expressed his concern that there would be an increase in cases in January, which could only happen in December, when the country has experimented with numerous cases of precedents.

“Creo that debemos assumir va va a ir a peor, sabe, estamos entre 100,000-200,000 Infekections al dia. Hubo un periodo la peor parte de dicembre, cuando establisha por ensima de 200,000, lo que espero que no volvamos a alcanzar de nuevo because we have tambalear: ten cases, ten hospitalizations and, consequently, deaths “, indicated.

Ante is this panorama, Fauci, who has been elected by the elective president of EE.UU., Joe Biden, to be his medical assessor jefe, recommends following practicing “the simple things” that he has been doing.

“At this time, apart from the journeys, which are now delayed, because we are in the midst of the vacations of Navidad, Fin de Año, the people will travel or have traveled. We intend to travel less, and for those who have it right, those who have it do not belong to large groups of people, only the intermediate family “, dijo.

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And he advises that, when there is a large group of people for the sake of tech and ventilation, “it is when one is in trouble”.

EE.UU. is the world’s most affected by the pandemic with more than 19.3 million cases detected by covid-19 and more than 335,000 failures, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

Según el Covid detection project, EE.UU. recorded on Monday the record of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic, with 121,235 patients admitted by nursing, of whom 22,592 are in intensive care units.