Ejecutar presupuesto de obras 2021 in 4 months irreal y fuera de la ley | El Salvador News

Ante the announcement that claims to execute funds 2021 public works in just 4 months, experts recalculate the mediocre capacity for ejaculation.

It is illegal for the goberno piense to host the presumption of public works 2021 in 4 months, afirman deputy deputies. It is debated whether the plan will be based on the projection of aggregates that will cover the country, in addition to the fact that there are movements in the Ley del Presupuesto that are authorized by the Legislative Assembly.

ARENA’s deputy, René Portillo Cuadra, explains that President Nayib Bukele has implemented an unconstitutional act to hold the presidency for a year in the months of January, February, March and April, and in May, to initiate a new Legislative Assembly presumptuesto, ya que no puede haber dos en un mismo fiscal eercicio.

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In addition to the statements made by President Bukele, it is irresponsibly debated that the decrees will be finalized, as long as he has not been elected to the Presidential House and can be asserted that sanctions will be imposed.

“It seems to me that it is irresponsible to say that it is going to be a month since the beginning of the state’s invasions, if there were no intrusive intrusions because the economy of the country is depressed. También exists a problem of legal and constitutional order, can not host the presumption of 12 months in four months because the money is projected to pay salaries, deuds, all the functioning of the State “, dobbeltsteen Portillo Cuadra.

Without embarrassment, Bukele stated that he was referring to the inversion of public works and did not refer it to salaries, as he had to do with the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Herrera, in a post that was completely boring.

Tatiana Marroquín, an economist expert, opines that it is illegal for the mandate to host the dinner for one year in 4 months and that the presumption is divided into projects and parties, in addition to which only the Legislative Assembly, following the Constitution, has the faculty to reform the Ley del Presupuesto.

“To be able to host the presidency in four months, the host will not agree with what the Presbytery says. To be able to host, you have to move what you have hosted for the last months in principle, and have to go through the Assembly as a matter of motion, ”he explained.

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In addition to being impudent and arbitrary, in addition to the imposition from the point of view of finance, which is to realize a guest of this magnitude because the presumption is that there will be a screening of the funds that are planned to hold tax increments, and if you do not complete the tampoco recovery methods you will be hosting.

According to Marroquín, the governor has by 2021 the same presumption for public works that this year, which is around $ 1200 million, and this year the logarithm will host what is projected for inversion in works.

“The ability to hold the governing body to execute public works is very mediocre, it is good, if he does not execute the money that he has held, much less will he be able to do so quickly in four months,” he said.

Advirtió también que “si lograran enconr el dinero seguiría sind illegil y arbitrario, además ne es viable, porque se ve la manner en la han estado executed la inversion de proversions, no han sido efficent en eso, no han logrado ni el 70% of the inversion of the presumed past, much less one of $ 1200 million as of 2021 ”.

Deputy Shafick Hándal, of the FMLN, said he had “corrected the plan” to President Bukele when he sued the guests over $ 57 million that were earmarked for consultations, which were discussed in detail.

In addition, the deputies issued excess funds for destinations that were not explained in the project, and now that the salvadorate mandate has been published, there will be inversions in jobs, but for health and education columns, there will be no withdrawal, in addition to Public employees who earn up to $ 1,000 and who do not have a scalpel.

Hándal also explains that the minimum pension increase was an FMLN proposal, and now President Bukele has acted as its conqueror.

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“It’s irresponsible to not know the peace of mind that creates its personal finesse and that it can do what it does in Ghana. So it is to say that in May he will have another Assembly, he will develop his master plan, he will have the centralized power in the presidency ”, dice Hándal.

“Ignorance supina”

The executive director of the National Foundation of Development (Funde), Roberto Rubio, classifies this idea as “superstition ignorance” because he does not understand that the unique way of tenor is presumed for the rest of the year, even if he has tenure in the Assembly, incremental increments and only ones will have deuda.

For him, pretending to host the presumption in 4 months is an impossible case, is the show of ignorance, “unless everything was done by a governing woman who was unable to build El Salvador Hospital. Not only is the theme of dinino without capacity ”.

“For where veas are not crippled”, said with respect to the economist and dean of the Superior School of Economics and Negotiations (ESEN), Carmen Aída Lazo, who hinted at the idea that the actual administration “will not work” the State and its processes ”.

Asimismo, Rubio added that these, led to an announcement serious on a technical basis, is an electoral maneuver that will “demoralize” the opposition showing that it is inevitably a triumphant ardent of the presidential party.