EEUU States recruits nursing and medical students to support COVID-19 evacuation campaigns

By Tina Bellon and Melissa Fares

NUEVA YORK, Dec. 24 (Reuters) – United States States that enforce retreats and vaccination campaigns against coronavirus are supporting medical and nursing students, including bombers, who work with inoculations to free them luchan against the pandemic in hospital atestados.

At least there are voluntary state health departments for the campaign, some of the schools are associated with universities or nursing schools with incentives such as matriculation and practical capacity descriptions. Others are teaching the social workers to leave vacancies.

The national launch of the vacancies against the COVID-19 is the best hope to end a pandemic that has cost the lives of more than 320,000 people in the United States and has paralyzed the world economic mayor.

This month, the regulatory authorities authorize the first vacancies COVID-19, one of the Pfizer y pharmaceuticals, and other Moderna.

Hasta el mercoles, se habían entregado casi 10 millones de dosing en todo el país. However, due to the lack of staff in hospitals and the special requirements for preparing the vacancies, only around 1 million have been applied.

The length of the vacancy campaign will include the objective of the federal government to inoculate at least 20 million people before the end of the year.

Although inoculation is currently taking place in first-line health workers, it is hoped the campaign will reach millions of key industrial workers starting in February or February.

From New York to Tennessee, there are hopefuls of medical and nursing students freeing medical staff to concentrate on keeping track of the number of new patients with COVID-19.

“The ability to provide staffing to the volunteer clinics with our reserve work force means that staff in the evacuation sites can follow up on their normal rates, which is critical and that our hospitalization task has increased”, says one portavoz de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Indiana.

When the first vacancies are cleared, Indiana health officials will report to the State University. More than 630 medical and nursing students from the University of Indiana enrolled as volunteers and received 90 minutes of practical and online training.

First-year medical student Nicholas Clough began administering vacancies to first-line health workers on Wednesday.

“He feels like he is having a real and tangible contract against COVID”, said Clough, 26 years old, who had lost family members during the pandemic.

The University of Wisconsin offers a $ 500 matriculation credit to medical students who work in hospitals with staff during the winter holidays, including the administration of vacancies.

In California, the paramedics from the Department of Bombers and its capacity for managing the vacuum, initially to its work companions.

Depending on the license licenses in each state, medical and nursing students can administer vacancies, subject to the supervision of a licensed professional.

On December 13, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo allowed medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental, podiatry, and obstetrics students to administer vaccines against the flu and COVID-19 under supervision. (Rapporteur for Tina Bellon and Melissa Fares and New York; Reporter for Deena Beasley in Los Angeles; Edited and Spanish by Janisse Huambachano)