EEUU recorded 3,927 deaths by covid-19 in the last 24 hours, the highest figure since the beginning of the pandemic

The New York State is facing the worst tsunami in the country due to the pandemic
The New York State is facing the worst tsunami in the country due to the pandemic

The United States has established these 19,715,899 confirmed cases and the 341,845 bankruptcies of covid-19, agreed with the recent Johns Hopkins University Independent Review.

This balance at 20:00 local time is of 3,927 deaths more than March and of 189,671 new contagios.

The state of New York is seen as the worst gulf of the country during the pandemic with 37,868 deaths, followed by Texas (27,895), California (25,357), Florida (21,550) and New Jersey (19,109).

Other states with a large number of deaths in Illinois (17,811), Pennsylvania (15,780), Michigan (13,018), Massachusetts (12,338) and Georgia (10,846).

In terms of contagios, California has 2,267,290, Texas has 1,759,036, Florida has 1,306,123, New York has 998,524 and Illinois has 955,380..

The provisional balance of bankruptcy cases -341,845- is higher than the lower number of initial estimates of the Casa Blanca, which is projected in the majority of cases between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths due to the pandemic.

El presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, rebajó isas estimates and is most confident in that the final figure will be more well between the 50,000 and 60,000 bankruptcies, although there were 110,000 deaths, a number that also surpassed that.

For its part, the Institute of Health and Medical Evaluation (IHME) of the University of Washington, in its models of prediction of the evolution of the pandemic is on the agenda of the White House, calculate that when Trump will show the power January 20 killed 420,000 people and by April 1 560,000.

In an informative meeting to press this Wednesday, authorities of the Control Units of Prevention of United States States (CDC) coincide with what is probable that at least one of the two most recent coronavirus variants has been propagated among the United States population but I would also like to advise you it is probable that there is a great impact on the efficiency of the car or the precautions to be taken.

The first case reported in United States of America “British Cepa” Highly transmissible was confirmed on March in a Colorado city without travel history and it is estimated that this variant has been circulating since September 2020.

A person is looking for a covid-19 test in Hayward, California
A person is looking for a covid-19 test in Hayward, California

Studies are based on another variant surgió in South Africa of independent form and that now is extending internationally, and that Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, detected elsewhere in its territory. But none of these have been discovered yet in the United States.

“We hope to surpass new variants with time”, dijo Henry Walke, director of incidents of covid-19 of the CDC, during the press conference of est mercoles, informs the portal MedPage Today.

Y Gregory Armstrong, director of the CDC’s Advanced Molecular Detection Program, advises that it is very difficult to know exactly how many variants he has had now, because depending on how different the umbrella is, he must have a virus to represent a variant.

The officials note that the EUUU governor has been working on a November vigilance system with national laboratories to determine the penetration of the identified varieties and which will be the results of its research in the next few days.

For others it is not possible to know for sure how well the vacancies and other treats will work against these variants. Prohibition of probes, because what we know about the experience with this mutation and other mutations is probably likely to have a large impact on the vaccine induced by vacancies or the existing vaccine of previous breeds ”, dijo Armstrong.

“Experts generally agree that it is likely that changes like this will have a major impact on its neutralization,” Armstrong said. And added: “You can cause an impact, but you have to keep in mind that it is probable that the amount of immunity induced is due to a natural infection or to a vaccine that is sufficiently large for a slightly different ligament to have no connection. ”.

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