Edith González’s vividly conveys romantic moments during COVID-19 with his new novel

Very briefly shared that she decided on a new opportunity for love, Lorenzo Lazo, viudo de la actriz mexicana Edith González, shared a romantic photo next to the actual novel.

In the image shared by traverses of his official Instagram account, the economist appeared to have a romantic interest in Lourdes Peláez, with whom currently maintained a sentimental relationship.

Without embarrassment, due to the emergence of sanitation that obliges the world population to wear mascarillas, the couple demonstrated their love to their co-worker on the part of protecting Coronavirus: “Time and Time by COVID“, Be part of the description that is used Lazo at the bottom of the publication.

Following the touch of romanticism, he also added a phrase from the Mexican poet Octavio Paz, with which he wrote this appearance inside the social speeches: “A world nace when dos se besan“, Sentence.

We remember that Lazo rumors of this new romance in the principles of 2020, when he was caught by a publicist during his publication “Doctor Honoris Causa”, on that occasion appeared first hand in the ceremony and also assisted Konstanza, hija de la fallecida actriz, Edith González.