Dwayne Haskins goes unclaimed through waivers

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No one wants Dwayne Haskins one and a half years after being a draft in the first round. At least not according to his current contract.

Haskins, the former Washington quarterback, walked through today. All 31 teams had the opportunity to claim him, and all chose not to do so.

This does not necessarily mean that there is not a team willing to record Haskins, who is now a free agent. It just means that no one wants to pay the guaranteed amount of more than $ 4 million left on their new contract. At a lower price, someone can sign him.

Haskins was a big disappointment in Washington, which finished him 15th overall last year. But Washington was by no means the only team that strongly thought Haskins was on track for last year’s draft, and all it takes is one team to think it can still pull something from its unmistakable talent.