Dulce María takes a photo of the first Christmas with her hija

Mientras sus excompaneros de RBD gozan de las mieles de écito en el reencuentro of the band, Dulce María get another type of exit, convert it to mother for the first time.

In the postal tier can be seen a Dulce y Paco muy misdade, loading its recent death and with the Christmas Eve fund, photo that the song accompanies with a reflection.

This year ha sido duro and a lot of challenges for all … Without embarrassment I am sure that we all love the less we love… Dios nos mando el regalo más grande de la vida en a year ago difficult

Continued dulce: “A year that we have hecho, learn, reflect and value the really important, the people to whom the imports, the little that we need for be happy and it’s much that we have failed the things we can not buy, give your energy and your courage in that which is essential and algebraic of whom you have mal or that no te hace feliz. Deseo que en this christmas renaissance the hope, love, peace and empathy for demas“.

The fame of 35 years, finalizing that this is the first Christmas which does not fit with its fathers, hermens and sobrinas, but it is the first lad of the family that has formed with its offspring and its little ones.

Les mandamos a big abrasion, it’s time to appreciate everything we do, empezando por la vida, Dios los bendiga y llene de luz y amor su corazón. Merry christmas“.

dulce maria esposo