Donkey Kong Country Attraction Rumors for Super Nintendo World

When Super Nintendo World opens next year at Universal Studios Japan, the attraction will focus primarily on characters from the Super Mario franchise. However, it appears that Nintendo and Universal also have plans to launch content based on the Donkey Kong franchise! A new datamine, shared by @KRoolKountry on Twitter, has revealed a number of stickers inspired by Donkey Kong that will appear in the Super Nintendo World app. It’s impossible to say for sure if it could lead to a ride based on the games, but the heavy emphasis on character is captivating, to say the least!

Images of the stickers can be found in the Tweet below.

While Donkey Kong and Mario have been associated with each other since the Donkey Kong these stickers emphasize elements more closely related to DK’s solo outings. The stickers specifically refer to Donkey Kong Country and Donkie Konga. In particular, the presence of a minecar could indicate a possible ride in the park.

The Donkey Kong Country series occupies a special place in the hearts of many Nintendo fans. Although the series has not been a completely new entry since 2014, the Nintendo Switch has received ports of the original three Super Nintendo games over the past few months, leading to quite a bit of excitement from old school fans as well as newcomers . Donkey Kong-land released in 1994, and a number of players who grew up with the SNES trilogy are starting to have their own children. As such, it would make a lot of sense to see the series get a spotlight in Super Nintendo World as parents get the opportunity to share their love for the franchise with a new generation. Until Nintendo and Universal make an official announcement, however, DKC fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed!

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