Donald Trump firms new plan to block three days

The President-elect of the EE.UU, Donald Trump, has a new plan to estimate the state economy for the value of $ 900,000 million, despite various negligible changes made and millions of people losing their performance by example.

Trump accused the pro-leo de valy of value of 2.3 billion dollars la tarde del domingo and its residence de Mar-a-Lago (Florida), not getting the holidays, confirms La Casa Blanca.

This package, known as Omnibus, includes the second plan of approval approved this year in EE.UU. and 1.4 trillion dollars to finance the Administration until September 2021.

After five days of neglecting to carry out the project of theirs and demanding changes, Trump will march backwards to avoid the nightmare of the funds being raised by the Administration and hundreds of thousands of employees suspended on duty.

“This is a package of omnibus and covid-19 with a roundabout message that will make it clear to Congress that the points of the law that will be dropped by a tyrant who will retire” of the text, Trump signaled in a statement.

The mandate ensures that, given the firm’s project, it hopes that the Congress will approve a change at the time it sets the record of a single $ 600 million contribution to compensate for the pandemic’s efforts.

After Gobierno negotiated his proposal for the $ 600 bill, Trump demanded that it raise it to $ 2,000, and in his statement he recorded that the Chamber of Deputies would vote this month to make this change, even if the Republican leaders are in favor. .

Trump assured that the Senate, controlled by Republicans, “will implement the process to vote the increase in checks to 2,000 dollars.”

Pero in a posterior communiqué, the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, was limited in giving thanks to Trump for firming the project, and did not mention any possible vote of the senators to make any changes.

Trump will also ensure that Congress approves the Administration’s financing plan with subordinated parties in order to act, but it is not clear that the legislators will change anything.

The Trump cambio of opinion has five days later that March will allow the city to block if it does not change various points, since the increase in direct payments to the estates has led to a reduction in external aid.

On the negative side, the law provokes that this domino is exposing itself to programs that are proportionally aided by between 10 and 14 million attendees, and that are now being renovated to enter the city in force.

Trump’s block on the project led to the critical mercy of various members of his party, and lasted until the first of February, provoking the end of a national veto on the disenfranchisement, which affected 30 million people.

It is estimated that the Trump firm includes, for example, a subsidy of $ 300 weekly, $ 325,000 to help businesses ($ 275,000 for the payroll), $ 45,000 for public transportation systems, $ 82,000 for schools and miles of Millions in commodity vouchers, rent aid and for the distribution of vacancies.