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The price of dollars af Peru finalizes life on the shores in the last year of this year, although an annual increase of more than 9% exceeds the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

MIRA: Coronavirus Peru IN VIVO | Numbers and notices in the day 291 of the state of emergence, today Thursday 31 December

In terms of operations, the cambio type contributes to S / 3,619 in the interbank market, with a marginal margin of 0.02% in front of the S / 3,620 of the core of the markets, according to the Central Bank Reserve (BCR).

The green ticket closes this year with an appreciation of 9.20% over the sanitary crisis caused by the coronavirus virus in Peru, which justifies the demand for dollars on the part of inversionists.

Asimismo, the division of the state has significant advances during the moments of political crisis during the presidential holiday episode, which obliges operators to seek coverage in front of the dollar.

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The extranhedral world also reached a historic level of S / 3.66 in 2020. Martín Vizcarra of the Poder Executive and the social convulsion of the people in response to the announcement of the Congress Manuel Merino as president internino.

Analysts estimate that the dollar register loses at the global level debit to a more panoramic view for some nations key to the advance of the vacation campaigns against the COVID-19 and a rapid economic recovery of the desperate.

In the market parallel to the Lima cambio cases, the cambio type is S / 3,605 for sale and S / 3,630 for sale.

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