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Redacción EC

El bldollar receipt af Peru abrió este martes sin grandes cambios, en medio de un mayor interes por los riesgo tras conoserse majores novedades abrob el de fiscal estimulo en Estados Unidos para hacer frente a la pandemia del COVID-19.

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A las 9:42, el cambio type is listed at S / 3,617 in the interbank market, a margin of 0.01% compared to the S / 3,617 of the Moon of the Moon, according to Bloomberg data.

The extraterrestrial inversions are animated and assume more risks than the state legislators approve a major package of aid for the COVID-19.

The Chamber of Representatives votes in favor of more than tripling the payday loans, from US $ 600 to US $ 2,000, sending the plan to its acceptance by the Senate.

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The dollar is very high“, Dijo Bart Wakabayashi, of State Street Bank and Trust to the agency Reuters. ‘And so it will be the next year”.

In the market parallel to the Lima cambio houses, the cambio type is S / 3,600 for sale and S / 3,630 for sale.


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