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The scientists will find in the corners of the food remnants that will bring valuable information about the gastronomic costumes of the place.

The archeological area of ​​Pompeii, the city destroyed in the 79 dc. due to the eruption of Vesubio no day to surprise and this Saturday the hall of a thermopolio (thermopolium), a species of “fast food” in full view in the ancient Rome, was served and served to the inhabitants, is intact and decorated and has no food leftovers.

The Ministry of Italian Culture and the Archaeological Area announce that it will consider “another extraordinary discovery in Pompeii, in the new excavations carried out within the maintenance and restoration project of Region V”.

The Mostrador preserved by the volcanic cenizas has been partially disentangled in 2019, but the works are extended to intend to preserve the archaeological site the most likely, and which is located in a very competitive barrier, at the crossroads of the Bodes call and the Balconies.

Treated by thermoplastic, where solids serve as the most beautiful classes of the city, perfectly preserved with the display with the image of a ninfa marina on horseback and other animals with brilliant colors that explain three-dimensional, there are coral avocados, like gallons and real spiders, which must be fed with wine or strong spirits.

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But what has surprised most archaeologists is the discovery of the words with the remains of this comedy that is sold in the calf and that is the origin of the “comedy para llevar”.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but in the meantime, work is underway to improve the situation. Photo / AFP

The scientists will find in the corners of the food remnants that will bring valuable information about the gastronomic costumes in Pompeii in the era in which the Vesubio eruption, in the year 79 of our era.

In the furnace he made a fragment of the path of the path, as well as the remains of the horse, the goat, the fish and the caracals in the recipients of the bar. Various ingredients eran cocinados juntos, como si se tratara de una paella.

In the background of a recipient are found macho albias, which are used to modify the wine.

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“In addition to dealing with a testament to the diarrhea of ​​Pompeii, the possibilities of analyzing this thermopyol are exceptional, since first time it has been completely deconstructed”, says Massimo Osanna, Director General of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii , in a communication.

The search for a furnace will find an aurora borealis, a cistern and a fountain, as well as human remains, including the remains of a man of 50 years, looking for a nine-year-old.

“The termopoly of the impression of being sidelined and abandoned exaggeratedly by its owners, although it is possible that some, quizes the older man, has been fired and failed during the first stage of the eruption, al derrumbarse os desvanna”, indico in an interview with the local agency Ansa.

The other skeleton may be the one of a ladle or some fugitive hambriento, “surprised by the ardent vapors sustaining in a man the tape of the recipient that acababa de abrir”, added.

The “Thermopolia” (the phrase composted by the Greek term ‘thermoplion’, which means good morning to sell) were very common in the Roman world. Only in Pompeii we have 80.

The city, fully covered by the eruption of Vesubio in the year 79, is the second most visited Italy through the Roman Coliseo, with about four million visits in 2019.

Now, only a third of the site, which currently exists on 44 hectares of Naples land, has been unearthed by archaeologists.

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