Difficulties for doctors in United Kingdom after Brexit

United Kingdom has been converted to the last days’ attention center due to the new covid-19 cepa of which he alerted the British authorities. The Spanish doctors who are working hard to make ends meet in this new period of time in which the country, which on 31 December will definitely abandon the European Union. Tomás Cobo Castro, Vice-President of the General Council of the Medical Colleges of Physicians (Cgcom) and of the European Union of Specialist Physicians (UEMS), considered que Brexit “will complicate” what Spanish doctors can do and form in the NHS.

“It depends on all bilateral treaties, with which, it will be more complicated”, Cobo reflects, explaining that these agreements are based on two lines. By a lad, “the relative to the academic training“The second and most problematic issue, according to Cobo, will be the concession to the goblins in relation to the work permits of professionals who want to work in England. .

“From the point of view of the British profession, which is what I receive from Spanish professionals, there is the maximum available to help, but enter the game Residence and work permits“,” Cobo said, “consider that” England is not going to be one of those star-studded countries in order to realize its specialized training “since it also has complications” in the face of reconciling the situation, which also depends on bilateral agreements.

“It is possible that tengan que hacer algún examen adicional”, Cobo advises, detailing that, traditionally, to access specialized medical training that conducts an exam, called PLAB, in which it is tried as many medical devices as the idiom. “If we are Europeans, when we go to the trainers, we will not take the exam that we will take directly to the specialized sanitation training. Now, it will probably be”, reflects the UEMS manager

Problems to validate the title

Problems with Spanish medicine can be surpassed even in the time to validate the titles obtained in England, Cobo points out: National Commission on Specialties as pasan todos los expedientes de los extracomunitarios. It is not the case that there is a bilateral agreement very specific to the respect, even if we do not have it in the state “.

For the UEMS representative, there are no doubts that Brexit will create complications for Spanish healthcare professionals who want to specialize in English. “good luck volunteering in the medical profession”“and of the representatives of the professionals in England, who belong to the European medical institutions such as the UEMS.

The profession and scientific societies are in agreement in free transit, but the administrative reality is that there will be an extra-communal country from the 1st of January. As part of this, the approval of specialties or the immediate reconciliation “, lamented Cobo, who advised that” the agilization of the treatment of the title should be agilated so that the protocol that could be created would be created.

Cobo afirma que The provision of medical professionals is “absolute” in order for Brexit not to affect the free circulation of specialists in Europe“. The same thing happens with the UEMS,” which has 1700 million specialist European doctors “, recalls the Spanish representative.

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