Diez tips to help you have a healthy diet

Lose weight and get a healthy diet some of the most common proposals of Año Nuevo.


With the introduction of good living habits in the diarrhea routine of the people, the Spanish Society of Nutrition Community (SENC) presents information with these tips that will help you get rid of the new food pyramid, to launch a mayor benefit for our salute.

This idea stoot from the need to convene to all those people who allow themselves ‘the laziness’ to be on time, say a single food and pass hammers with the erroneous idea of ​​being a nobleman, because he has no ability to adopt one Salutary practice that is exhausting is minimal and has the most proportions.

For this reason, it is time to agree that there is no magic formula or milagrosa to conceive of this image that in many cases is unknowable, and that there is a stereotype that has fueled the consumer society, that infisport recoil in an article of which has eco la Real Federación Española de Ciclismo.

Salueerbaar Decálogo de la dieta

1. Beba a minimum of 1.5L of water, tea, infusions or soup: A proper hydration is essential for maintaining a good body water balance, although well the needs vary according to the age of the people, the level of physical activity that is realized, the personal situation and the climatic conditions.

2. Coma diariamente carbohydrates (pan, pasta, arroz, legumes …): preferably in its full version. It is the basis for energy retention and power in our training / competition.

3. Consume semi-saturated lactose or butter products 2-3 weeks a day: nutritionally it should be noted that lactic acid products are an excellent source of high-value biological, mineral (calcium, phosphorus, etc.) proteins and vitamins. On the other hand, the consumption of fermented juices (yogur, etc.) is associated with a series of benefits for health because these products contain microorganisms capable of improving the balance of the intestinal microbiota.

4. Alternate consumption 1-3 days a day of white carnation, fish, legumes, oats and dried fruits: I recommend the consumption of blue whiting as a minimum of two weeks a week and its grasses have very special properties on the plants of vegetable origin and those that attribute protective properties to cardiovascular diseases. The eggs contain very good quality proteins, grasses and lots of vitamins and minerals that they contain in a very rich diet. The consumption of three or four eggs a week is an alternative to corn and fish.

5. Coma minos 5 rations of fruits and vegetables daily (fruits 3-4 and herbs / herbs 2-3 times a day): Fruits and vegetables are very nutritious foods that contribute color and nourish our diet in addition to vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber and nutrients. The fruits can be an excellent alternative to media media or as merienda.

6. Limit alcohol, red carnations, refined sugars or processed foods.

7. Perform 60 minutes of physical activity diarrhea for an adequate energy balance and emotional balance: Mantenerse is physically active and realizes every physical exercise adapted to our abilities is very important to maintain a good health.

8. Use useful culinary techniques: vapor, plate, horn, hervidos cocciion … avoid fries.

9. Fractionate the comrades to 5 tomas diarias.

10. Consume nutritional supplements always with the assessment of a health professional: Olvidémonos de “dietas tipo” las cuales no son extrapolables para el conjunto de la poblancion y adoptemos hábitos alimenticios aluditiosos aluditsios aludis de la mano de un coach sanitario (nutricionista, pharmacéutico, medico …); nuestra salud nos lo agradecerá.