Diego Lainez provokes eviction in duel Levante vs Betis

Mexico City /

Diego Lainez joins Cambio in the match that Real Batis enfrentaba ante Levante and thanks to his impetus and determination to light each balloon logger that an adversary the animal a golpe and for that reason was expelled.

La jugada ocurrió sobre el minuto 60, cuando el spherico llegó hasta la banda derecha y el Defensa Roberto Suárez Pier no need to check well the sphere per alcanzo to despair. At this moment, Lainez is barricaded by the balloon.

To finalize the game, the player will be hit by a hole in the car that does not hit the jackpot. Sondeverbod, to revise the VAR is determined that Roberto Pier will be expelled.

I was very pleased with Betis’ reaction which was 4-2 in 15 minutes of winning the game.