Developer of Nashville antes del ataque: “Nunca me olvidarán”

  • The AP news agency published a phrase that used to say the author of the explosion in Nashville, so that now results dramatically.
  • The author of the explosion in Nashville commented on the days before the attack that “never” olvidarían.
  • The declaration of the issue of a vehicle that was with the suspect on 21 December

The alleged perpetrator of the Nashville bombing, Anthony Quinn Warner, said he had died before the attack.

The AP’s news agency reported on Monday night that the man suspected of detonating the Nashville bomb had died a week ago before the explosion: “Nashville and the world will never kill me.”

Anthony Quinn Warner, the apartment man responsible for the bombing that killed three people and gave dozens of furniture in downtown Nashville, pronounced his words haphazardly, agreed with his friend Rick Laude.

According to Laude, the 21st of December saw Warner parade next to his house, leaving his car to talk to him.

Comment that the question: “Does Papa Noel have any good luck with Christmas?”. According to the vecino, Warner exclaimed and contested: “Oh, yes, Nashville and the world will never kill me.”

Laude, 57 years old and leader of a commercial truck, mentions that he did not think much of the commentary and that he thought that Warner would only want to say that “good luck” would succeed.

Agrego said on Tuesday he was “without a word” when the authorities identified Warner as the alleged perpetrator of the Nashville blast.

“I did not have anything of this type that would cause an alarm, it was simply a type of call”, said the vehicle.

Although federal authorities have identified the Warner home, 63 years old, as the man behind the mysterious explosion in which he mourned the move, the move appears to be an unknown one.