Denounca una ola de despidos en consulados en EU

Place local and consular boxes from México and United States denounciaron que han comenzado los massive despots in the representations, it is debated that it gobierno estadounidense will not renovate the visa type A-2.

” N Pesar de que el-kanker [Marcelo Ebrard] Recognize the labyrinthine injections in which we find them sometime consular employees of Mexico in the United States and there are days that end this year, when many of us find our vacations at home depending on the situation of Covid-19, in some cases initiating the notices of despatch of employees ”, announced the Local Employees Committee.

Through a card sent to the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, local employees accuse that the cases in question have been justified by various motives: visa type A-2 within the next three months, by no visa waiver, prescriptive report and haste by decision of held in diplomatic representation.

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‘It is clear that there is no general and equitable criterion. There is a contradictory discourse between the representations, proportions and circumcisions never before seen. Lamentably, we note that toadavia exist authoritarian practices and to the extent of the law, that the Transformation Chart no puede o no quiere erradicar ”, dijeron.

The diplomatic missions of Mexico in the United States have a maximum of 700 million localities covered by the A-2 visa, which are being worked on at the time of completion. gobierno extranjero, destinados una embajada o consulado. Staff who were not sent directly from Mexico, were contracted directly to the registration site.

In 2015, el Estadounidense State Department dio a conocer que las visa type A-2 ya no se renovarían. In the case of staff who are not legally resident in this country or do not have citizenship and work with visa type A-2, enforce the renewal of the document, which obliges to pay the country in the intermediary. The mayor will take his contract in August 2021.

A spokesperson for this organization THE UNIVERSAL that in the last few days he has been spreading various dozen jobs and that 500 more are being paid to lose his job.

Recently, Ebrard stated that the subject is in dialogue with authorities of the State Department.

According to local employee reports, from twenty years ago, when the United States was consulted about the non-visa type A-2 renewal, he made all the more unprotected ones, all of which are contracts, which are renewed each year. meses.

The only benefit that tienen is is guaranteed by major medical guests, while it does not include any member of its families. Además, no tienen derecho a jubilación.

“We, the consular staff, we are also migrant workers y, pesar de que nuestra labor es velar por los interestes compatriots en exterior, estamos desprotegidos laboralmente por der mismo gobierno ”, indexes the committee of employees.

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It is detailed that there are local employees with more than 10 years and up to 20 years of continuous work, that they have bad dates and that they are moving to Mexico, without any labor protection. “Five years have passed since then, when the Mexican government did not comply with the regulations governing our labor laws.” The efforts of this committee have been underestimated and ignored, and now with the situation based on the time and place of presentation of the note of the Department of State and the pandemic, justifying the lack of will, compromise and leadership of an important part of the class mexican, who organizes us the number and image of our country very high in all the territory of the United States ”, indicates.

El Local Employees Committee President López Obrador’s attention and Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard to try to find solutions for all those who are unprotected, all for those who were fired and were to lose the job.

“Increasing the vulnerability situation due to the pandemic, many of us will not be able to move on, due to the patrimony, is that we have privacy of social security. At the moment these are difficult to pandemic, we are the only support for our families in Mexico, as well as the remittance mail.

“Ironically, our property pays our deportations and arrears to the statistics of the sample,” he points out.