Dagmar regala’s interpretation of “El tamborilero”

The accompanying music, inspires, calms … moves the emotions. In search of provoking an allegory of allegiance and peace for his followers following social speeches and television, the presenter and singer Dagmar offers as regal his interpretation of the wild classic “El tamborilero”.

The star will be on the media for the last day of this year, following his new channel on the YouTube video network, #ConéctateConDagmar. Posteriormente will be available to download on digital music platforms.

“This song, because the message is that it is a tambourine, it’s easy, because it’s called to God, and it’s, ‘It’s the song that you want to do’, it’s not something pompous, that you want to eat, because with the pandemic can not be, pero hice algo sencillo que espero que tenga the effect of a sonrisa, of decir, ‘Ay, qué bien me siento’, ‘Ay, me encantó escucharla, me dio paz’, y decidí hacerlo. Yo lo necesito. I think a lot of people need it, because they have had a lot of difficult things, and they have been strong, they have been insistent on following suit, and they are good, and they have been recalled, ”said the vocalist of the origin of this special work.

The interpretation of the complement with a video captured on his hogar together with a work team integrated by the master Ángel “Cucco” Peña (musical producer), Ángel Quiñones (chamber), José Antonio Iturbe (photography and editing) and Norwill Fragoso (director ). For the grab, the artist chose a popular dress from the Jíbaro company of Puerto Rico with one designed by mano.

The music is a constant in Dagmar’s life, as in the majority of the characters.

“Music always accompanies every moment of your life,” he said. “When you love teens it is a song that will always be remembered, the song that you listen to on your day, the favorite song of your mom, or your dad, or your own, the songs that you can listen to that are dedicated to God, who touched your spirit and helped you to fight a battle. The everlasting music is present in us. The human being is good music “, including the animator of the program” Día a día “, by Telemundo, together with Raymond Arrieta, Gil López and Nelson Del Valle.

The music is one of the most powerful songs in the world, it’s your spirit. I’ve so moved that there are times when I’ve been listening to them and watching them, and I’ve been talking about the spirit. ”

-Dagmar Rivera, singer and animator

During the 10 months that it has been extending the COVID-19 pandemic, the interpreter has been actively involved in its social speeches, he is conducting the television program at a distance or publishing content intended for maintenance in connection with the audience, and in eso, the music also has been present.

Now that the YouTube channel is sharing the irra diversifying content, including makeup tutorials, cooking recipes, among other topics.

Finally, Dagmar hopes that this crisis of health will move people to “give importance to what they really have, that love and union”. Y, between broma and serio, comment that this experience grabs us in history as “one of the most limp generations”.