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CIUDAD MÉXICO.- Cynthia Rodríguez was characterized by her indomitable beauty, but also because of the relationship she had with Carlos Rivera, he formed one of the most wanted couples on the part of the Mexican public.

Recently in an interview the conductor dio to announce that his novel is his alma mater and by supuesto the love of his life, the person with whom he shared one of his days as revealed the cameras of the reconciled YouTube program “Pinky Promise “,

Four years after his novice, Cynthia recalls that before accepting that he had no relationship with anyone in the artistic medium, his embarrassment to the most important was with the person indicated.

I’m staying with my wife completely, staying with the love of my life. I’m happy and believe that these two are super happy, ”said Rodríguez.

Además la también cantante reconocioso que al final una persona reconsoce y sabe cuando alguien es para ti, sobre tode porque existe una fiscalat para separarte dea persona.

Cynthia confesses that while Carlos, suelen being very caring for his families, he helped to have a very healthy relationship, peace of mind, trust and love in the years of old.

Although it is clear that the artist has preferred to maintain his relationship in private, it is not to the liking to be involved in controversies or schemes that could be more damaging to the good that he has.

With information from El Heraldo de México

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