Cynthia Klitbo and the ‘happy final’ who always escapes

Cynthia Klitbo is one of the best Mexican actresses in her generation. I have no doubt about it: it is versatile, intrepid, sensitive and with a wide and diverse taste. I did not miss the elections of his role and gave an indelible mark on the history of television. Without embarrassment, it is inevitable that he, contrary to fortune, will always be in his career, will not always be in the terrain of the race.

Cynthia Klitbo.  (Photo by Adrián Monroy / Medios y Media / Getty Images)
Cynthia Klitbo. (Photo by Adrián Monroy / Medios y Media / Getty Images)

Although all appear to indicate that, apart from the adversity and difference of 20 years between the two, he met the passion that was needed by the lads of Alberto Ordaz, ‘El Rey Grupero’, a celebrity of speeches with whom he had a romantic romance one time, if the powder does not pass the juntos juntos ya that it is recovering from COVID.

The passion is all that he directed at equal the career and life of the Klitbo, which duda cabe; of the Enclave College that was shown in its first TV appearance – as the conductor of the segments of an infantile bar in vacant channels for Channel 5, when only 18 years old – little one: he was mad and about everything, he was right in front of them rooms, even if it is not easy; in spite of all the more the times, Cynthia has seen her live personal converted in maintenance.

This is not a decision made by the artist, the more of the works – although not a failure that literally lives from the note – it comes with the territory, and between my work and exhibition has, more than the public attention that desa saber more and more about his preferred artist, but if you are interested in putting it in a crossword puzzle: what can I do?

Cynthia Klitbo.  (Photo by L. Cohen / WireImage)
Cynthia Klitbo. (Photo by L. Cohen / WireImage)

Cynthia, who made her debut in telenovelas in ‘Cómo duele callar’, starring Joaquín Cordero and Graciela Mauri, directed by Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, has worked extensively for over ten decades: empezó de las cares who lives in the middle: his impressive Tamara, the top model who pierces the rationale to the fullest in the climax of ‘The privilege of love’ – for the victim victim including the physicist and the cabellera – followed by an example of the most unforgettable.

In his romantic romance nothing has the color of pink. His matrimony with Jorge Antolín, with whom he staged a theatrical staging, took place three years ago as she made sure she was safe and at ease with a psychological abuse by anyone who went to bed. The rupture coincided with the grabs of ‘La dueña’, produced by Florinda Meza, in which Cynthia was the main antagonist of the story protagonized by Angélica Rivera.

Fue duras esa grabaciones que Cynthia conoció y se enamoró de Francisco Gattorno, actor Cuban que recién había llegado a México. The relationship in the media, which, although separate, Cynthia has not divorced and his divorce from Antolín was very public, he debated his relationship with Gattorno, which he called in Cristina Saralegui’s show “I love my life! ”- in part, precisely because of the polemical nature of this romance that the ratings of the telenovela were made by the clouds, converted into the most vista of Television in years, almost made by ‘María la del barrio’.

By grace, the union with Gattorno, with whom were cases after two years of living together, although only lasted three months after the death, not only the offices of the amarella press that always looked for reasons to smoke cinnamon, as well as others infidelidades del actor.

Francisco Gattorno.  (Photo by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images)
Francisco Gattorno. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images)

The suspects of a car accident in Quintana Roo in which a woman was killed by a gunshot wound to the face: “Read with guns to rumble the other pierna”, Cynthia related to the TV show ‘Confessions’. “When I first saw him say, ‘I have no regrets,’ he sang his song, for supuesto. Fue muy fuerte. Imagine being in a row of chairs, all golpeado, the press, the dead people; fue horrible porque aparte todo el mundo sabía mi intimidad, a él lo veían con cara de ‘qué desgraciado’ ya mí con cara de ‘qué idiota eres’. Salir a la calle era muy fuerte. Duramos mucho tiempo sin salir a la calle porque la gente juzga, es dififil. Ahi fue cuando empezó a mermarse nuestra relación. A pesar de eso, todavía duramos un ano, y hasta nos casamos, pero ya fue un mal ao ”.

The incident in which the actor was arrested on behalf of the murderer Bailarina Marilín of the Caridad Rosado, his compatriot, was a scandal caused by the public saying that he was infiltrated, per Cynthia admiría 20 more years as it is not known since the first time: “[Gattorno] I painted the black, many, many, many, many [la del accidente] fue la vez que todo el mundo se enteró. But when we separate because he was expecting a baby with another [su hoy esposa, Belmaris]. Yo lloré manyos años, pero ahora digo ‘qué buena onda que se lo llevó y que los somos felices, cada quien su vida ”.

Time and time again, Klitbo considers him a good friend. After this tortuous relationship, the actress followed suit to her career and decided not to pursue relationships with people in the media.

In this mode there are two more pairs: Rubén Lira, the father of his wife Elisa – 14 years old -, who has given up and has never been in the life of the niece;

Cynthia Klitbo and his wife in 2018. (Ultra Media)
Cynthia Klitbo and his wife in 2018. (Ultra Media)

Y af 2013 se caso con el escultor David Gerstein, de quien acabó divordiándose cinco años después.

David Gerstein and Cynthia Klitbo in 2014. (Photo by Victor Chavez / WireImage)
David Gerstein and Cynthia Klitbo in 2014. (Photo by Victor Chavez / WireImage)

Despite this, Cynthia has not given up on her sentimental life, until in October 2020 she posted an intense photo of her with Luis Alberto Ordaz in a suggestive and sensual pose, confirming his relationship.

Cynthia Klitbo and Rey Grupero
Cynthia Klitbo and ‘Rey Grupero’ / YouTube

The “influencer” lives in Cynthia’s house (although the positive result for COVID is that he has been co-sponsored by his department) and has been very controversial for some 20 years. Cynthia refers to this difference of eda in an interview with ‘Sale el sol’, evidencing the double standards of the people: “What do you think of the prayers that are given to the priests who are theirs? Ah, verdad, the problem is that I am female, but I do not want to say that I am critical of it ”.

Will it be time to finally find out the happiness that, in terms of recognition and talent, has it eluded for years? As we say before: Cynthia Klitbo is a very passionate woman, not only in her work, but she also finds that she is allowed to live her life, but there is no other reason to celebrate.


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