Cyberpunk 2077 unfinished monorail found in Night City

In a game with a sprawling dystopian metropolis like Night City, you can never be sure if that half-finished construction project you’re chasing through the streets is meant to look like … or maybe it was destined for something more. After all, a corrupt corporate tech world would not feel right without its share of failed public works.

But even if Cyberpunk 2077 take the hard buttons that came with the rocky launch of one of this year’s most anticipated games, and fans will explore the downfalls of Night City’s concrete forest. For PS4 and Xbox One gamers, this means cutting through all the bugs, freezes, and low-resolution textures that plagued the last-generation version – but that’s not stopping more adventurous gamers from sneaking up in Cyberpunkdigital material.

In the mysterious case of the half-finished monorail in the sky, no one seems to know if the huge rail network is supposed to sit up there waiting for trains that never arrive – or that it’s another reminder of how far it is. 2077‘s critics feel the game remains.

As first reported by NME, Sybekul user Sybekul climbed up to the elevated railway and made an in-depth re-order to find out what the mysterious monorail might be hiding. This led to the discovery of a full-scale, elevated city transport system that did not work in the game – although the network of unfinished train stations, incomplete textures and other artifacts suggest that the monorail may have been part of CD Projekt REDs early on. Cyberpunk ambitions.

As you can see in the second clip above, other players also went exploring on the elevated tracks and even rode on top of a moving train that (at least for now) is not really meant to get on board. In both cases, the results are the same: the tracks go all over the city, but there is little to do when you are there.

The monorail stations are described as part of the Night City Area Rapid Transit (NCART) system, a train system (complete with its own background story) that allows players to see NPCs boarding anywhere in the city – but not drive themselves. Like the multi-spirited, wall mechanic featured in earlier teasers, it seems to be one of the ambitious features the studio planned to build into the final version of the game, but it did not make the final cut by looming deadlines and a troublesome developmental hassle.

As CD Project continues to work on fixes and patches for the PS4 and Xbox One versions Cyberpunk 2077, there is always the possibility that a future DLC patch could bring the full feature into the mega-monorail. At least on computer and current console versions of the game, Night City is already a vibrant street-level venue – but time will tell if the studio continues to incorporate new features into its virtual dystopia, just as you probably would from a true worldview of Night City’s semi-lawless urban frontier.