CVS and Walmart United States Pharmacies will sell the Pfizer vehicle

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The CVS pharmacy chain, which was contracted by the United States Department of Health to administer the vaccine of Pfizer and BioNTech, also sell antivirals to the general public.

CVS has how to administer the vaccine at least 40 miles asylum of the american union during the next three months, and posteriorly, on sale the doses in its 10 mil suksales a lo largo de todo Estados Unidos, although we do not specify the price in public.TE PUEDE INTERESAR

In Mexico, the health authorities indicated that access to the antiviral alone could be done through public service, with the end to guarantee the access to all the people without importing its purchasing power.

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It is estimated that with the alcance of the chain one 20 or 25 million people can be vacated in the north by car.

Asimismo, Walmart announcement of its intention to sell the vacancy and signal that it is to buy companions and heel seco to increase dose.

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