Cuban writer writes 60 years of the exodus of 14,048 solo years in the EU

The Operation Pedro Pan, considered the mayor’s exodus infantile of sail XX in Occidente, “salvo to 14,048 nines and nines of the castrated hecatombe”, afirmó in Miami (EE.UU.) the writer and feminist Ileana Fuentes to record this Saturday the 60th anniversary of the exodo.

“It’s one of those nines. Informally, the program is called Operation Peter Pan. This is, until today, the operation of rescuing nines and nines mayor that recoil history”, writes Fuentes in an article published this Saturday in the Cubanet Cubanet Digital Diary.

The artifact of Operation Pedro Pan was led by Monsignor Bryan Walsh, who was collecting receipts for minors that were transferred to camps, orphanages or adoptive families.

Walsh states that he has many cases of Cuban minorities related to EE.UU. only looking for a safe place and contacting the administration of former President Dwight Eisenhower, who summed up the resources to support the program.

The operation, initiated on December 26, 1960, officially concluded on October 23, 1962, with the suspension of all commercial flights between the United States and Cuba, was carried out shortly after the Cuban Revolution triumph when a Walsh man niño llamado Pedro para que le buscara refugio mientras sus padres lograban salir de Cuba.

“All flights were made by air – by PanAm, National and KLM – with a destination to the United States, and the first flight saloon from the ‘José Martí’ Airport, on December 26, 1960. In this flight, some Cuban passengers were evacuated. “, recuerda Fuentes.

“The 28 more than two months, the 30th and the 31st. Only in its history the Governor of the United States has a program for nine refugees”, added.

“From poquito to poquito, in order not to deliver many suspects in La Habana, there was a fight about the nines and the Cuban nines. ) af 35 estados de la Unión: Nuevo México, Nebraska, Delaware, Indiana, Colorado en Florida, entre otros’, rememora Fuentes.

The director of the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, conedeer in Miami, details that “new and five social welfare management agencies are relocating”.

“Of the 14,048 minor oaths that Cuba’s soloists have had in their 23 months, 6,584 are married to family members or relatives established in EE. UU .; 7,464 are subject to the protection of the Cuban Nine Programs of the Catholic Bureau Protestant and Hebrew agencies “, detailed Fuentes, author of the book” Cuba sin caudillos. Un Enfoque Feminista “.

The American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora is preparing the exhibition “Pedro Pan Operation: 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Child Exodus”, with a map with the numbers of all the unknown entities that travel with their fathers during the operation, indicates the current director, Carmen Valdivia, who also read the EUEU as “Pedro Pan”.

The model, with photos and documents donated by people arriving at the EUE via this, will be available for reopening the museum in the near future, will be closed during the covid-19 pandemic, Valdivia said during an interview on MegaTV in November.

According to Valdivia, there is no such thing as the importance of this 14,000-year-old exodus. “It is known as small, in part because of the principle of secrecy (…) and also because the media (on occasions) do not like to say that a salvation is due to communism”, said Valdivia.