Cuban humorist Medardo Naranjo Mamito falls in Miami

Medardo Naranjo, known in the artistic world as “Mamito”, failed to help in Miami a los 81 years.

The Cuban actor and humorist was recorded for his participation in programs such as Pellízcame that he was kissing, with the animator Carlos Otero; La Cosa Nostra y El Mikimbín de Miami, de América TeVé.

The duo Los Pichy Boys, with whom Medardo Naranjo “Mamito“work in its last years, to send the notice of its physical disappearance, through the social speeches.

“The other thing that happens to us is in 2020, I’d be ready to talk to José,’s the hitter of Mamito, and I’m sure that his dad’s failure. vas fisicamente pero te quedas en nuestros corazones, llegarás al cielo y cuando los angels te pregunten: ‘Oye, ¿tú eres Mamito?


LEA TAMBIÉN: Fallece in Miami comedian and imitator Eddy Calderón

Carlos Otero dedicated a few words to Medardo Naranjo “Mamito” and also actor and comedian Eddy Calderón, also failed to perform.

“You have the honor of working with both passing moments and moments”, said the presenter, who in 2015 met Medardo Naranjo “Mamito” a homage to his TN3 program.

Other figures of art and humor in Miami lamented the death of the two figures of the world of entertainment, among them were Miguel Flaco, ex-integrator of the disappearing group Los Fonomemecos, and José Coll Herrera, creator of the humorous group Punto y Coma.