Cruz Azul pauses to pause with Hugo Sánchez

Differences in Hugo’s petitions and Cruz Azul’s proposal were rejected by the announcement of the new technical director Celeste.

MEXICO – Cruz Azul decided to suspend the deal to sign Hugo Sánchez for a break, which represents an inexperienced giro because both parties are very close to signing the contract that unites with ‘Penta’ as the coach of the cement team.

The intention of all the parties involved was to announce this Wednesday 30 December to Hugo Sánchez as the new technique of La Máquina, pero ESPN has found that there is an economic difference between the proposal submitted by Cruz Azul and the latest requirements of the ‘Penta’, related to the conformity of its technical team.

The next 24 to 48 hours are key for the technical selection in Cruz Azul, which hopes to have a strategy defined later on March 5, five hundred days before the debut of the Torneo Guard1anes 2021 visit ante Santos Laguna.

ESPN a report from last December 11 that Cruz Azul has three candidates for relevant to Robert Siboldi during his reunion, and estos eran Antonio Mohamed, Matías Almeyda y Hugo Sánchez.

Ante a financial situation precaria without precedents in Cruz Azul, the directive descripto ‘Turco’ on its high salary, while saying that it is all right to log that Almeyda is disqualified from the contract he signed with the San José Earthquakes, but the ‘Pelado’ can not negotiate his salary without the clause of 3 million dollars worth of subscriptions by the Mexican team, reason why the tampo can be filed with ex DT de Chivas.

It is understood that Hugo’s Convert to the Cruz Azul Principal and on Tuesdays at night as the ‘Penta’ as the celeste tenienan a précuerdo, pero in the last hours Sanchez habría pedido algo additional to the last proposition of the celeste club. ESPN has been told that Cruz Azul has no plans to make a counterattack and that is included in the club as he has been in “stand by”.

In case of not closing the negotiation with Hugo Sánchez in the next hours, Cruz Azul acudiría has his second block of coaches, in the cual Juan Reynoso y Alfonso Sosa llevan mano.