Cruz Azul has 23 million dollars in players that do not use

La Máquina, in case of need, can return to the sale of these players to earn cash for the next tournament

Players who have been to Cruz Azul for some time now have been transferred to a club for a while. Máquina Celeste received 23.1 million dollars in sheets of five players who sent a letter to the club, salaried it to other teams and knew that it was difficult to enter the institution’s plans for the next tournament.

Elements such as Walter Montoya, Guillermo Pol Fernández and Bryan Angulo will end their performance and report with La Máquina to announce his future, as long as the team’s goals are clear and no good impression can be made when first going to Norway.

The figure of 23.1 million dollars surges from the database of Transfermarkt and was realized by the club between 2018 and 2020, also corresponds to 40% of the total amount of the club’s investment in refunds during this period.

Walter Montoya marks a $ 6.05 million inversion of Cruz Azul in 2018, the highest team in the last few years, with his return limited to one goal and 27 assists. Salió has been appointed to Gremio and Racing and will be incorporating La Máquina’s training into these teams, which have been contracted with the team until December 2021.

During the turntables of the Aperture 2019 and Clausura 2020 tornadoes, Cruz Azul invested $ 13.2 million in the files of Bryan Angulo (5.89md), Pol Fernández (4.87md) and Lucas Passerini (2.48md), but no one can follow in the team of his first tournament in the MX League, then he will be released to other teams.

Angulo and Passerini in Tijuana and Necaxa, where conditions will be met, but will not be able to comply with the directive of returnees to Norway.

The Portuguese Stephen Eustaquio regressed to his country and has just finished the final of the season, a haberle cost to Cruz Azul 3.83 million dollars.

The account of Antonio Sánchez, a Mexican defender who was seen in the Alaxies of Oaxaca and was present with Leones Negros the tornado passed, his contract signed in December and no renovation was announced, is valued at three thousand dollars.

Players who play Cruz Azul are currently valen 10 million dollars and are registered as performers in other teams.

Cruz Azul has six outstanding players and the most accomplished of them is Guillermo Pol Fernández, who is valued at three million dollars, according to Transfermarkt, and finds regularity in Boca Juniors. Now, I hope to see a quote from Celta de Vigo or, in my case, report back to La Máquina Celeste.

La Máquina, in case of need to return to the sale of these players, in order to collect cash for the next tournament.