Create a combination of paragraphs to bring about the conflict with the General and Agents del Digesett

The Director of the National Police (PN), Mayor-General Edward Sánchez González, informed that a mixed commission had been created by members of the Police and the Ministry of Defense to investigate the Incident occurred between an agent of the General Directorate of Transit Security and Land Transport (Digesett) and a general.

The announcement was made during a press conference at the Palacio Nacional, where González signaled that the commission is created to manage the situation and take care of it with respect.

“The Deputy Minister is designating the Inspector General of the Fuerzas Armadas, our officers are designating the Inspector General of the National Police for a mixed commission, to be able to understand the situation in which he is present and to issue the corresponding information at his due time” , manifesto.

The initiative led to an uprising in which the lunar passage took place in the National District, where José Manuel Frías Rodríguez, who identified himself as the brigadier general, regained two Digesett agents for not “showing respect” at the time of taxation.

Rodríguez is stationed at a tram on the DN cycle, in the area where this action is prohibited.

And a video that is viralizó and las redes sociales, shows Rodríguez demanding to the agents who are “paying attention” to his rank.

“Ponganse in Amet’s attention, Ponganse in Amet’s attention, but what is it?”, Rodríguez’s ad to one of the transit agents.

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, hizo a lame to the Dominican people to respect the members of the National Police and the Armed Forces, who “are working more united than ever”.

Abinader signaled that in view of the fact that the country is living a precedent-setting situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, se pueden producet roces por lo que es importante que la poblción mantenga el orden.