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The holiday campaign against covid has started this property in Spain in a residence in Guadalajara. Allí, Araceli Hidalgo, 96 years old, has received the first pinchazo of the millions that are thrown in all the pais in the next months. What succeeded in leaving now? These are some of the most common ones that are planted. Some have no reply, others, todavía no.

When do you start to do the vaccine effect?

The Pfizer vaccine requires the same dose, separated by 21 days. The complete immunization (95% increase, according to clinical trials) is increased by one week after the second dose. Before that, the humanitarian system began to activate and it was likely to unleash the disease that was unavailable, but the drug had not yet reached its maximum potential.

How long will the immunization last?

No sabe. Sucede con todas las vacunas nuewas: no se conoce cuanto dura la immunización hast que pas timempo en el la vacuna deja de hacer efect. Both laboratories and health services have the vigilance to verify when this is successful. The hypothesis that one needs a vaccine record one year after another, or two, as successful with other munitions, is not considered. Tampoco that the vacancy is related to be recurring each year. But all this is only being tested with time.

When and how will you start quoting in health centers?

This domicile is the first phase of the evacuation plan, which arranges for residents in social care centers, their care centers, and care for health care providers and large dependents. This first phase, in which approximately 2.5 million people will be stranded, will last around three months. A term that starts with the next group, which has not been announced yet. The most likely are the mayors of the 64 and the chronically ill. Although no plans have been made for this phase, it is expected that the vayan will quote the correspondence in its outpatient clinics. “Citizens should receive a citation, following the risk group as pertaining, to reach the health center. Eswillaria y gratuita. It is an act that benefits the person who is evacuated and the collective, ”said the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, at this point.

Who are considered large dependents?

Ministry of Health, the largest group depending on the largest dependents (grade III), the Ley de Dependencia (Ley 39/2006, de 14 de diciembre), those who have applied for the reconciliation and those who have not applied for it, pero esté Medications accredited by ten nurses that require intensive support measures to develop their life, including institutionalized and non-institutionalized. “The moment of evacuation will be realized as soon as possible, while maintaining the characteristics of conservation and use of the available evacuation. The staff that professionally attends these people with great dependence can be evacuated during the visit ”, adds the strategy.

What happens to women who have private security?

The vacancy will be free and will be administered by the National Health System in the order determined by the Ministry of Health.

What do you think is the answer to the question of receiving the vaccine?

In principle, the measures that are now in place, that are sufficient for vacancies vacated in order to increase the number of employees, are calculated on the basis of 70% of the population. Although it is known that the vaccine is very good to prevent the disease from developing, it is not clear at this point what it is that prevents the spread of the virus. It is desirable to say that it is possible for a person to be evacuated by contacting the asymptomatic form and converting it into a vector for the covid extension.

When will Spain have enough people to evacuate the reindeer herd?

While the time passes, more vacancies will be announced, not only by Pfizer, but, predictably, also by other manufacturers. Although the initial rhythm will be 350,000 pinchazos per week, in accordance with more pharmaceuticals including its drugs, it will increase. Health care calculates that between May and June there will be 20 million people in immunizations and that by the end of the year, a large percentage of the population will have been evacuated, probably the most sufficient to increase the number of rebates.

What happens to the vacancies?

All vacancies will receive a vacancy card that includes the type of administration administered and the lot number, the first dose administration slip and the preview for the second, the contact mode for consultation is to have one and a telephone number which is called if there is no secondary effect that is not exemplified in the prospectus. Cominza ahí lo que se conoce com phase 4 del clinical assayo. In the preview, we can observe frequent secondary effects (such as fatigue, cancer, fever in the next day) or that affect, like many, up to 30,000 people (which are the subjects who receive the medicine). For more extraordinary effects, those that occur in a case every 100,000 or every million, are monitored as they carry out the pharmacy they are administering. También also recalls more precise data on specific public groups for those in the primary areas who do not have tantrums representative. It has undergone primary attention and has a centralized data base in each autonomous community, which is connected to a national and European system.

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