Coronavirus | The new multimillionaires who die of the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic reached 81.2 million people and provoked more than a million deaths in all the world. To get acquainted with it, miles of scientists, physicians and empresses collaborated on the development of treatments eficaces o vacant which allows you to get along with her. These advances and provocations that the people involved are hayan enriquecido the manner remarkable.

The Forbes magazine has compiled a list of 50 professionals who are united in this 2020 in the privileged club of the multimillionaires in the health sector. Especially the ones that belong to the companies of Pfizer, BioNTech and Modern, creators of the two vacancies more exits counter-virus. No obstacle, we can also find creators of treatments, medicines and including them envases where the vacancies and other sanitary elements are deposited. We have the most relevant new multimillionaire news.

1. Uğur Şahin

With a net assets of 4,200 million dollars, encapsulate the list Uğur Şahin, BioNTech cofundador, the company that worked with Pfizer to roll out the vaccine against the coronavirus that was being administered in Spain. The Turkish origin doctor, who is a resident of Germany for most of his life, created BioNTech in 2008 together with his wife Özlem Türeci, who is the company’s medical director. Sahin posee alrededor del 17% of company shares, las cuales increase a 160% from January thanks to the success of its pharmacy, which has a 95% efficiency. The first doses will be launched in the United Kingdom on December 8 and in the United States on the 14th of the same month. Now, it’s legal in Canada, Japan and Europe.

2. Stéphane Bancel

Stéphane Bancel is the homologue of Sahin in France. Converted to Executive Director of Moderna, owned in Massachusetts, in 2011 was able to start work at the BioMérieux diagnostic company France, donating the same cargo. Posee alrededor del 6% of Modern, in front of the 9% who have the potential to sell more than a million of entrants, que increase by 550% from the principles of the year. Ahora mismo, su riqueza es de $ 4,100 million. December 18, la vacuna of pharmaceutical estadounidense, which has an efficacy of 94,5%, secondly approved by the United States Regulatory Agencies, after the creation by Pfizer / BioNTech. The first doses are administered in EE. UU., Which ordered 200 million dose with option up to 300 million more. También is also expected to travel to Spain by the year 2021.

3. Yuan Liping

Yuan Liping is in the top 3, with the same heritage as Bancel. Posee el 24% of the most important business producer in China: Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products, cuyas actions and increased, from the principles of 2020, a 90%. Se trata del Manufacturer of vacuum cleaner developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University, with an agreement to produce 200 million doses. In 2013, Kangtai became embroiled in a huge controversy over he was vaccinated against hepatitis B and died with the death of 17 babies. Without embarrassment, Gobierno’s investigation did not go unnoticed and, according to the information, the critics were pressured to withdraw the negative articles.

4. Hu Kun

It is President of Contec Medical Systems, a medical device manufacturer based in Qinhuangdao, located in the north of China. Hizo que la empresa cotizara en bolsa en agosto y posee casi la mitad de las acciones, que he donated 150% from the OPI. In total, Hu Kun is with a wealth of 3,900 million dollars. For its part, Contec obtains more than 70% of the extras’ extras and make one range of medical products for hospitals, including nebulizers, esthetoscopes and arterial pressure monitors.

Carl Hansen

Hansen is the CEO and co-founder of AbCellera, a Vancouver-based biotechnology company in use artificial intelligence and automated learning to identify them antitumor treatment more promoters for the sick. Founded the company in 2012 and owned one participation of 23%, which is valid for occupying a place in the multimillionaire club, with a heritage of 2,900 million dollars. It is due, in part, to the exit subscription of AbCellera on the Nasdaq on December 11, when the governing state ordered 300,000 doses of bamlanivimab, an antidote that AbCellera discovered in collaboration with Eli Lilly and that was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in November as treatment against COVID-19.

6. Timothy Springer

It immunologist y Professor of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology molecular at the Harvard University. Aan 2010, fue one of the inverters in the foundation of Modernity, bringing about 5 million dollars. A decade later, su 3.5% participation have a approximate value of 1,600 million dollars. In addition, it is an active investor in biotechnology, with more small participations in various companies que cotizan en bolsa. Asia, its net worth is around 2,000 million dollars.

Sergio Stevanato

Posee un patrimonio de 1,800 million dollars y es el the president of the Italian company of medical staff Stevanato Group, el second mayor global producer of glass vials and a relevant vial provider for more vaccine vaccines against coronavirus. La company of 700 million dollars (sales), founded in 1949 by the father of Sergio, is also the mayor global producer of insulin boligraphs.

Robert Langer

Known as the ‘Edison of Medicine’ for his pioneering work in the field of biomedical engineering, Langer is a professor of chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Fue otro of the founding investors of Modern in 2010 and never did an action. So 3% participation now vale alrededor de 1,500 million dollars. Posee more small participations in emerging biotechnology and more companies 1,400 patents which has been licensed for more than 400 weeks in pharmaceutical and medical companies.

9. Premchand Godha

In 1975, Premchand Godha acquired the pharmaceutical Ipca Labs, con sede af Mumbai, junto a la familia de la superestrella de Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan. His patrimony is real of 1,400 million Thank you to the company that manufactures Generic and pharmaceutical ingredients, the price of these actions will be duplicated this year will be debited, mainly, to a mayor production and sales of the contracted drug antipaludico hydroxychloroquina, which is promoted as a potential cure for the pandemic principle. In the United States, Donald Trump is shown as a true defender suyo. Prohibition of probes, The World Health Organization (WHO) disagrees with us for no effect, or very much, on the reduction of coronavirus deaths.

August 10 Troendle

Closing the ‘top 10’, with a heritage of 1,300 million dollars, finds August Troendle, CEO and founder of Medpace in 1992, conedeer and Cincinnati. Before meeting his company, working at the pharmaceutical giant Switzerland Novartis and at the FDA as a medical revision official. Medpace’s laboratories manage the range of pharmaceutical services, from create hisopos and antikuerpos proofs for coronavirus destined for external clinics conduct complex clinical trials for drug manufacturers working in new vacancies and treats. Forbes estimates that Troendle possesses alrededor del 21% of shares of his company.