Corona wax is not available for sale during the pandemic

The connection between the brand name and the coronavirus has not affected the participation of its sales in comparison with the past year.

In the principles of this year, some people predict that the pandemic of covid-19 will frustrate the sales of the corona wax will increase the similarity of its number with the mortal virus.

“In general, an experiment of great importance between the loose and unrestricted vendors, the tenaamos and the most important condition for the fact that the virus is ‘corona’ in the United States, is an exposition of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). and the vice president of marketing. ‘para la marca Corona Extra, John Alvarado.

Without embarrassment, Corona’s popularity seems to have helped cover the gulf of the sanitary crisis: while it is nearing completion, sales of the famous Mexican brand have not been completed since before this year.

According to the IRI market research company, based in Chicago, Corona’s participation in sales sales in the leading tenants (6.78%) is declining. practically without changes with respect to the same period of 2019.

Vivien Azer, executive director and senior analyst at Cowen Investment Bank, told the WSJ that the negative impact failure on Corona’s sales was due to the fact that in the first stages of the pandemic, consumers are slipping. Large and reliable brands“.

“If only you had one or two times a week, did you buy an artisanal wax that no one tried to buy a wax for cones?”, The specialist asks.

Hecho, the interest in Corona is not limited, but on the contrary, including creation. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Google Trends statistics show that since the 19th of January the searches containing the combination of ‘coronavirus virus’, ‘cerveza virus’ and ‘cerveza coronavirus’ have disappeared, with the ultimate in list.

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