Comparte Eugenio Derbez molested a video “tocándose”

The comedy actor Eugenio Derbez shared a video on social media, where it appears to have been taken for sale, debited and some years ago it was reported that the owner robbed a video on his computer where it was “touched” because it was very difficult to decide shared with the public, debated and received messages from the person who made the decision to join.

It’s likely that actor Gabriela Soto should have a unique situation, and that it’s a live time with actor Gabriel Soto, and not the videos on Twitter (although al parecer fue solamente uno y lo dividieron) and the aparecía dándose autoplacer nie.

Dicho video of the virus goes viral between the internet users who do not have to share the media, the actor has two more remedies than to admit that the video is very old and that it is all that he sees that he is enjoying, claiming that there is a violation so intimate! dad.

It is usual that this type of content is shared in social networks, for this is exactly what the Ley Olympia created that everywhere this type of content is implemented a juice and powder will go to the card for 6 years approximately.

Unfortunately, this type of image in videos or photographs is the most common of those that can be controlled, but is shared when its celebrity celebrations are in vogue, giving the artist a look.

Before that, Eugenio Derbez decided to avoid the pen of viral violence and went ahead, sharing the video in which he was affirming himself on all social media.

COMMUNICATION – I posted the video I hack3aron “, written by Eugenio Derbez.

His millions of intermediaries abrido abichon dicho contenido, en donde apparence Eugenio Derbez frente a una puerta tocándola, en otra stage aparence de nuve el actor pero con otra player preguntando queen es, a lo que el primer “Eugenio” responde que él, diciendo on the name.

It’s even more obvious that this is a joke by Eugenio Derbez, quiza was a forerunner on the day of the ignorant saints on Thursday in Mexico suelen hacerse some jokes of any kind to our families, friends or acquaintances, his fans immediately commented on the video.

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Bueeeeee for my words “algo” animaaaaaal … Qué vergüenza gusanoooo ”, written by Consuelo Duval.

For varios of its followers there is actually a very good maneuver to alert the attention, but there are more than the surprise that hiccup debits and that was not the first time that lanzaba is this type of bromine, without embarrassment by the curiosity to take the bike .

Jaja sabía que era mentira, nos can be trusted in a comediante “, writes an internet.

At the height of his career since 1981, he was 39 years old and as a comedian he was a testament to his total engineering, above all with his various characters that in more than one occasion we have heard, no doubt that Eugenio is a “genius” in the comedy like many of his fans he admitted to the fact that other great personalities.

Today he was reconciled as one of the greatest comedians of all Mexico his engineer is unique, in various of his disputed projects, about everything in the lads of his family which he also converted into great characters as his father, to say goodbye to the Derbez family is about to train a new reality by appearing enjoying new vacations together with the first time “Traveling with the Derbez”.

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