Cómo participates in the lottery that accumulates a pose 7 weeks mayor to the fortune that dejó Maradona

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Following the Forbes review, Diego Maradona football star has an estimated fortune of $ 50 million -about bank accounts, motors, furniture and properties-. Pero esta suma parece pequeña al lado de los 401 millones de dolares que podría cobrar quien, a través de theLotter, connect in its power the United States Mega Millions ballet paper, an accumulator for which miles in Latin America are participating this week without a house sale.

In agreement with the company, both Latin Americans use the Lottery service, which will increase the possibility of obtaining a lottery ticket that is 7 weeks longer than the herenia given by the best football player in history.

Cómo participant

When ordering a lottery ticket through theLotter, a representative of this famous internet portal gathers the lottery ticket number on a legitimate donation in the United States and gives it a 100% safe deposit box to enter the account, in case de ser ganador.

The official ballot paper is sold according to the numbers chosen by the customer, who received a digital copy of the fault and the guarantee service in case of sale.

Qué ocurre si gana un extranjero

When a Ghanaian user travels through theLottery, the company deals with all the guests in order for the person traveling to the United States to advertise the official ticket, and also assigns a lawyer also paid by the company, who assesses the time of coverage the prize.

About theLotter

TheLotter’s messenger service has been operating for 18 years and has been involved in media reconciliations in United States including NBC, CNN and the Fox news channel, which has reported to foreign lawyers that it has cobraed large premiums in United States without fail. TheLotter included $ 102 million per month and $ 6 million from Panamá, El Salvador, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Russia and Australia. Among the most relevant winners is a Panama jubilee that cobró 30 million dollars, an Iraqi who won US $ 6 million and a salvadoran who lost a single number to win 1,500 million dollars, and who won a secondary prize of US $ 1 million.

Is it legal in the United States?

First and foremost, the debtor must be aware that no one in the United States is probing that a foreign citizen will receive a lottery prize. The only one required to claim the money is the carrier of the paper ticket that theLotter puts in the guarantor’s, then all that the governor required is that he pay the taxes, and in order not to require a social security number, yes that the money obtained is the product of a variety, and is not related to any work that is done in the world of stadiums.

With regard to local leagues, theLotter declares that it is not a lottery operator that can make the sorts without paying the premiums of its bolsillo, is exclusively a certified and specialized courier service in addition to official tickets of more than 50 lottery tickets. the world.

Do you require a stadium visa?

In the event that the winner does not have a visa to travel to the United States he has to keep in mind that the North American lotteries hope to have one year in order for the user to receive the prizes and cover the prize. In addition, the customer can transfer the ballot to advertise a family that can be transferred to the United States.

When it comes to $ 200 million in minor premiums, theLotter deposits the money in the banker’s bank account, where he finds it.

Payment of taxes

The mayor’s lottery prize of the world implies the payroll tax in the United States, but the accumulated is so large that only the deductions of the sum to be received are collected. Who likes the Mega Millions, which is in the throes of the Lottery game, earns an approximate US $ 300 million for guests like this.

theLotter offers a minimum of 3 tickets for a total price of $ 15 dollars ($ 5 dollars per ticket) and in this value is included the commission that the portal covers for its messaging service (detached)

Close proximity

Mega Millions’ next $ 401 million premium will be sorted this night, while the Powerball’s $ 363 million will be sorted by Wednesday. Anyone can purchase their legitimate tickets at theLotter. The sale will be open on the web site just before the end of the season to guarantee the purchase of the official bulletins.