Colts will not broadcast the results of the competition on Sunday

Minnesota Vikings vs. Indianapolis Colts

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Philip Rivers said it is unrealistic to avoid looking at the scoreboard. But the Colts are not going to help Rivers or his teammates keep up with what’s going on in other games.

The Colts do not intend to place numerous games involving the Ravens, Browns, Dolphins and Titans, to avoid possible distractions for players or coaches during their game against Jacksonville.

The Colts need a win and a loss by one of the four teams to win the playoffs.

Baltimore, Cleveland and Miami play at 1 p.m. ET. The Colts and Titans games are at 16:25 ET.

“Maybe not for all guys, but if it’s for one old distraction, it’s one man too many,” Colts coach Frank Reich said via ESPN’s Mike Wells. ‘It’s better not to have them up there. This is irrelevant. It can do no good to add to what we need to focus on. In our opinion, this has only a potential negative effect. ‘

Rivers has already admitted that he will be looking at the scores of the early games.

‘My normal mode when we play the 4-hour game, I flip through the Sunday card on my phone. To say I will not do that would be a lie, ‘Rivers said. “I will not use it, but I will know about it. Trying to pretend you are not going to know the outcome of the games is probably unrealistic. But I do not think our dressing room needs to be digested. Go through normal routine. If your normal routine is watching matches at 1am, I do not know why you would change it to act as if you are not interested. “