Colorado identifies first case known in EE.UU. the variant of covid

(CNN) –– Colorado health officials will announce this March the first known case in United States of the covid-19 variant originally discovered in United Kingdom.

Variant B.1.1.7 of covid-19 was identified in a Colorado male for 20 years, without a travel history, informed Colorado Governor Jared Polis in a statement this March. Police indicate that the man was abducted in Elbert’s residence and will be abducted until the authorities arrest him.

He has not been identified by male contacts since. Sondeverbod, the staff of health workers in rastrearlos, aggregate.

“There is much we do not know about this new variant of covid-19. But the scientists from Reino Unido advised the world that it is significantly more contagious, “said Polis. “The health and safety of Colorado residents is our top priority. And we will look for this case, as well as all the covid-19 indicators, very close ».

Variant of covid-19 habría llegado a EE.UU. in november 0:30

Health authorities all over the world have said that this variant does not appear to be more deadly than the covid-19 heads previously identified.

The Public Health England entity says that the initial analysis shows that, although the variant appears to be the most transmissible, there is no evidence that it was related to a mayor’s risk of hospitalization or death.