Circular closes as Daniel Bisogno regressar to Ventaneando

Last years of the year and the circle fecha in the que Daniel Bisogno regressaría a ‘Ventaneando‘. According to periodicals Alex Kaffie, Bisogno did not regroup Monday’s 4 in the broadcast forum, and that the executives of Ajusco’s television had made a radical decision.

We remember that TVNotas te dio a conocer that the conductor of dicha issue of spectacles, fue suspended very well expressed by Javier Ceriani, presenter of the program ‘Chisme no like’ on YouTube.

No está confirmation.

“All the interior Aztec TV Daniel Bisogno’s decision was taken continues “descansando”. Si, en ‘Ventaneando’ (cuyo rating, por cierto, ha resentido su ausencia) seguirán prescindiendo de la presencia del apodado “Muñe” …

Rumor has it that he wants to occupy his place in the leading program of spectacles next month 4, without embargo his reincarnation will be until Monday January 18. As far as all the people who are sure that he will not regress the show, then Ajusco’s television has sent him a message: these are the cebó “, Compare Kaffie in his column for the periodical ‘El Heraldo de México’.

I have not been suspended.

And also the program did not have the rated rating without Daniel, segun Kaffie, los executives ya habrían confirmed dicha fecha para that “El Muñeco” vuelva a occupy su sillón al lado de sus companaires colaboradores.

It's a mystery.