China assumes that its “extraordinary” success is a virus antes de recibir en mission de OMS is

The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (PCC) congratulate this Saturday on the “extraordinary” success of the pandemic of covid-19, which failed shortly after it launched a mission of the World Health Organization (OMS) which intends clear the coronavirus origins.

The Chinese governing body has been much criticized inside and will face its fronts in the way it manages the virus outbreak in Wuhan, in the center of the country, in the 2019 finals.

For this reason, the PCC board is congratulated by the “decisive paper” of the party in front of the “huge giants and challenges of this year” and by having adopted “a long-term perspective that allowed a glorious victory and extremely extraordinary in another totally unsolicited “, according to various statements made by the Xinhua agency.

China claims that only a few months ago the coronavirus radiated grace to a more confinement policy in the affected cities. In addition, the only country in the world that will register a positive crime this year.

But in China, the reproach has led to the appearance of the virus, which allows it to be extended worldwide. At least one person who criticized the government’s policies at the beginning of the crisis was accused of some way in the country.

For example, a Chinese journalist, Zhang Zhan, reports in Wuhan on the principles of having shown the chaos of the first weeks, being detained and being judged on Monday.

These declarations of Chinese autocompensation are produced in advance of the mission of an OMS mission to the country, which will be deployed among others to Wuhan, in order to investigate the virus’ origins, specifically in order to intend to kill the animal.

This investigation is not intended to “throw the culprit into a country or one of the authorities” must intend to “intend to do nothing to prevent it from happening”.

China intends to receive sembrar algunas dudas sobre el origen de este virus. “All the evidence is available that the coronavirus does not appear in Wuhan, in the center of China”, the People’s Diary recently published on its internet page, without further details.

Since then, China has also promised to share its vacancies with developing countries and masquerading masks and other protective materials for those countries that need it.