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Lorena Arathoon, CEO of the Snackerie company, was distracted by his leadership and his support for Guatemalan employers.  (Photo Prensa Libre: Fernando Cabrera)

Lorena Arathoon, CEO of the Snackerie company, was distracted by his leadership and his support for Guatemalan employers. (Photo Prensa Libre: Fernando Cabrera)

In less than two years and in the middle of the pandemic in Guatemala, the company Lorena Arathoon, CEO of the company Snackerie, which manages the brands Tasu snacks in Frappi snacks, has improved the flexibility to adapt to the changes combined with discipline, study and anticipation are the bases, which allow them to enter a competitive market like food.

2020 will mark the end of the life of Arathoon as one of the most challenging, but in fact, a very satisfying one, by the established logs.

The year well ahead of the company in 2019 will unveil a new line of products called Frappy Snacks enfocada to satisfy the palate of the most peculiar of the hogares, and consist of a dehydrated fruit roll that complements the mission to burn it salutable.

All marchaba sobre ruedas, including, habían arranged with the export hacia El Salvador and Costa Rica, when the fronts and El Salvador were closed the day “no to the snacks”, this was a difficult goal for the company that you had to give to its exports.

The products that Maneja Snackerie has are well positioned in various supermarkets of the country, without embarrassment, due to the restrictions on mobility, the same customers empezaron to direct contacts, who want to make their payments online.

During these weeks, the digital sales strategy will be implemented, with a fleet of messengers and staff to sell at home, an experience that will help maintain the level of sales this year.

A new product

To pause during the expansion, we will analyze and study what the market demands, and observe a need to prioritize a healthy diet as a way of protecting against the virus and elevating its immunological system.

From this nation the idea of ​​a new product and the development of a new brand called Tasu Crackers, which consisted of bacon salads, and for its surprise has attracted a good acceptance among the Guatemalan consumers and the sale that was launched in the Christmas era.

The gallbladder, too, is prepared with natural ingredients and its horned ones, for the sake of it, its crucibles. This is the first step in making an excursion on the salad bar, but also offers opportunities for newcomers and new consumers like the masculine.

A characteristic of the company is that it is structured in its planning, it has to make you want to read, even if you want to sell, you can make it with which products and with it are always in analysis and market and consumer goods, ya está en su ADN el anticiparse y no empezaron de cero.

“April saw me with so many things, but we analyzed what we could do and empezaron to surpass the ideas, and the agility to react to the obstacles that are present,” said Arathoon.

The Guatemalan company Lorena Arathoon is looking to position local products in the extraterrestrial. (Photo Prensa Libre: Fernando Cabrera)

Continuous expansion

The company will expand the expansion plans to other countries, for example, by 2019, including a program of innovation in Mexico where a pilot pilot will be launched and sold in the city, now the large pilot test is underway. exporting hacia ese país.

“Implicate doing a lot of adjustments to be able to complement this market, but we hope we can follow suit. Recently, there was a first lottery in Venezuela, for that matter, the repatriation of new opportunities ”, said the company.

Support between women

Arathoon has recently been named as the Embassy of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day by the MEG (Guaranteed Women Guarantee) of many years ago.

The objective of the MEG network is to support other women employers in the country who need support, assessment, synergy and connections, which contribute to the creation of models of all integrative negotiations.