Carolina Herrera: “Elegance is not avoided by the head of the pelo”, the respondent answers expertly in fashion

Carolina Herrera is known in the fashion world for its style and influence in trends, but there are a few comments that you can say about women over 40 years old without leaving the large cable because no lucen elegant, varias of his homologues the respondent err in his comments.

“Only the women in their class left the long ball from the 40” uitdrukking Carolina Herrera to the Daily Mail on December principles, which will generate critical criticism against the Colombian fashion designer of 81 years, to whom we saw the cable short for many years.

Reactions to Carolina Herrera’s Statements

In the meantime, some of them will be returned to the dichos of Carolina Herrera for example, the Spanish presenter Jose Toledo, 57 years of age, dijo que hecho de tener “clase” va más de llevar el pelo corto o largo, sino que es un conjunte de qualidades en el se se conjunta la educación et la presence vir de una.

The feminist signal that society has advanced and that the world is not moving well with them antique cannons in that all the madras and the tias are equal, now the differences are celebrated, the diversity and even the dijo, the short hair is sexy, is not favored by all.

For its part, the actress and model Mar Saura of 45 years ago the elegance do not help with the large part of the cable that is much more, thought that was supported by the stylist María Baras, who refuses to have women who assist in his beauty salon and live the long hair and canas with over 70 years and incredible lucen.

Asimismo, the Spanish presenter Nuria Roca manifesto that if Carolina Herrera dijo eso es because probable habla por experiencia propia ya que quizás el cabello largo no le favorece, porque si no, probablemente también lo lvvaría largo, eso tiene que ver más con la cuestión de verse o no verse de alguna manera.

Juan Duyos, Spanish modist dijo who also admires much the work of Carolina Herrera as a designer, not sharing his ideas, while the creative director of George Rech, Jaime Calatrava, noted that quizzes in Carolina’s mind have led to the idea of ​​the “idealized woman”.

Because the cambian times and currently a female of 40 years is considered young currently and can be elegant with long hair, short with the inclusion of some color acquired, is more the thing of “come the life” which is the formality of the life.


In what all val saam is that does not import the cable largo, sino que el error par de dejar elegante radica en querer apparentar tener menos edad de la que se tiene, las mujeres se deben adecuar a los años que tienen y lucirlos con dignidad.

Asimismo, refirieron que algo que también es importante es el cuidado del cabello, ya largo o corto, necesita una beauty routine that the haga lucir saludable and hermoso at any moment, because of its contrast, so can rest elegance has the very finest woman.