Cardenal dice stone that Hondurans are olvidaron that the coronavirus is contagious

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Honduran Oscar Andrés Rodríguez says it’s home in Honduras that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 “is highly contagious” and offers “irresponsible” to young people who do not take precautionary measures against their pathogen and abuelos.

“It is our Honduras’s that it is believed that this covid-19 is highly contagious and that it has been irresponsible to those who claim to be contagious to their fathers or their irresponsible parents,” Rodríguez said in a celebrity homily.

According to the latest data from the National System of Management (Sinager), Honduras has 119,000 contagios, with 438 cases detected in the last hours, and accumulated 3,065 failures since March, when the first positive patients were reported.

“He who loves his mother and his father follow the biosecurity measures, put on his mascara, disinfect his men and his body, and do not participate in French or in reunions without necessity, even if he loves and respects his father and mother our abuelitos and tenemos la dicha que ellos vivan, eso también es consejo de sabiduría “, enfatizó el religioso.

Vaccine against coronavirus

Rodríguez lamented that humanity is “dehumanizing and in some ways the day of the Sagrada Familia will pass as unintentionally and uniquely as it is important to read the vacancies and to be empowered to serve as the principal vacuna es el amor ”.

The year 2020 is “a difficult year, but it will not be lost” due to the coronavirus pandemic and the effects of the Eta and Iota tropical torrents, as the Honduran cardinal, which is the Hondurans to “love and respect life, want to decide love and respect the life of those we desire “.

“We are living, and now is the opportunity to enter into the experience of love and of the life that we are offering Jesus. that in 2020, it is a year that has been lost, because it has lost another year, no, it has had a difficult year, but it has lost another year, ”he insisted.

“All those who have been confined to God, have confessed more to God, have fed on their own words, have followed the celebrations of the media, can not believe that there is another lost, only those who live by the material and as viven del vacío de pulular por las calles haciendo nada, o de aquellos que viven machinando el mal “, señalo el carden hondureño. EFE