Camila Arteche in her father bailan “Cun Cun Prá”

Cuban actress Camila Arteche volvoó’s bail Cun Cun Prá, but this time together a su querido papá. From his profile on Instagram, the young artist shared several videos along with “Robe” that are his subject matter.

In one of the grabs, Camila sums up and learns some of the steps used in the recent viralization in recent days.

Hasta el propio Cimafunk reacted ante the bail of the actress and the public hizo to the comments section with the following phrases: “¡Te pasaste tú!”.

Hace un tiempo, Arteche complained to his followers to present in his social speeches to his “dad”, in the verdadera historia de su vida which never before revealed the rooms.

In an Instagram video, the young actress assured me that “everything I have had the most power, I have it very much, and everything is the connection that gives the grace because it is the experience that has lifted me to be high”.

Nacida en La Habana, Camila recollects that tuvo una infancy sumi feliz, rodeada una familier que la adoraba. Of course, it’s good to be an actress and to make the theater classes, and to have all the spectacles of the capital.

Of course, one of his favorite pastimes would displease Selena. “I do not have anything else in my closet, for my action is the only option”, he said.

When Camila logró enters the National School of Art on his live cambio. Once graduated, he made his first novel and earned the emperor a prize.

But while working and intending to open a camouflage, its infirmity and family problems will alleviate its sadness.

Camila recalls that, in the midst of the difficulties, his godfather went to his life. “It’s the most generous person who knows and thanks to the fact that the mantuvo to my family and the god of allegiance in the middle of everything, you can follow my career”, indicated.

A Camilla day directs the filming of her second movie and her mother calls her to say that her father-in-law had nothing to do with the United States. In the midst of the sadness over the death of his abuil, the party of the father, the rupture of a relationship and his mother without work, where it grows.

“I believe that this day for the night I decided to convert to this pillar”, dijo entre lagrimas la joven. “I’ve been complaining about my family and my family for nothing,” he said, explaining that there are times when he sleeps only four hours and works without descent.

“I understand at this time that I do not have anything more to take care of me, than the one responsible for me, my children and my family is you”, agreed.