California following empeorando: the weekly week alone with 2.5% of beds in intensive care and 37,892 new cases

California following empeorando: the week empieza solo met 2.5% of beds in intensive therapy and 37,892 new cases

Gavin Newsom has installed 4 hospitals in California.

Photo: APU GOMES / AFP / Getty Images

This month, the governor of California will balance his private dispatch at his home, where he will find information on the latest coronavirus numbers in the state, during the week with alarming dates in anticipation of Christmas parties.

Gavin Newsom assured that in all California the availability of beds in the unit of intensive care is set at 2.5%, given the regions of the Valley of San Joaquin and the Southern California are incapable of receiving more critical patients, for which mobile hospitals were created to meet demand.

Agreed with Newsom, the state Temporary medical assistance centers are being created to permanently dismantle the health care system, but the current problem is the availability of qualified staff., for which it has applied for federal assistance from the medical assistance team in cases of disaster, as well as the Department of Defense adding 607 specialists in 75 installations in 24 states.

The mandate ensures that there are currently 62 patients who have been transferred to the four temporary hospitals currently created as:

Imperial Valley College with 23 patients
Sacramento Sleep Train Arena with 16 patients
Porterville Develpmental Center with 5 patients
Fairview Development Center with 18 patients currently.

Newsom insures that these facilities receive more patients than a personal capacity for attendees, while ensuring that in the last 14 days hospitalized patients increase by 63%, bringing the total number of persons to 17 to 90.

The cases followed up

In the last 24 hours, the state has confirmed a total of 37 892 new coronavirus contagions, which raises the percentage of positivity to 12% with respect to the number of proofs realized. The state has a total of 1,892,348 contacts since March passed.

For its part the deaths due to complications of coronavirus infection also increased, from 2 741 deaths in the last two weeks and a total of 22 676 deaths.

The governor trusted the Californians not to make long journeys during Christmas and to maintain the most intimate and solemn celebration with the familiar family of hogar.

More dose of vacuum in the truck

The state initiated last week its campaign against the coronavirus with the development developed by Pfizer, adding up to 70,000 doses, but Newsom assures you that the FDA’s good view with the undeveloped caravan of Modern, the state will receive a total of 672,600 doses this week.

The mandate ensures that the Modern’s vaccine does not require a delicate alarm like Pfizer’s, because it is more difficult to distribute in the rural area of ​​the state. The first doses of the Iranian version of this lab for them condados de Del Norte, Orange, San Luis Obispo, San Joaquin, Tehama y Tuolumne.

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