Bukos of the Chinese regime will illegally enter the territorial waters of Japan

The Chinese patrol boats protruded a new incursion into the Aguas Islands of Senkaku Islands (or Diaoyu, by its name in China), a territory that also advertised Japanese and the sea of ​​China Oriental, informed the NHK television channel.
These Chinese patrol boats protruded a new incursion into the disputed Aguasia of the Senkaku Islands (or Diaoyu, by its name in China), a territory that also advertises Japanese and the Chinese Oriental Sea, informed the NHK television channel.

Chinese Chinese patrols have protagonized a new incursion into the disputed Aguasia of the Senkaku Islands (or Diaoyu, by its name in China), a territory that also advertises Japan in China’s Oriental Sea, según has informed the television channel nipón NHK.

The Japanese Coast Guard has installed Chinese books to abandon the zone, in which if the second incident occurs in a week. On December 23, four Chinese patrols will enter the disputed water.

Since the 1970s the two countries have disputed this archipelago of five islands. Tokyo states that the Senkaku were in its territory from 1895 and that they did not belong to Nadie. Pekín, on the other hand, states that the Japanese maps of 1783 and 1785 identified the archipelago as the Chinese territory and that it belonged to the Chinese Empire and was 600 years old.

In 1972, the United States relinquished control of the Second World War, the Japanese transferred to Japan. Tokyo attributes Chinese complaints to the hall of important hydrocarbon reserves in the zone in the 1970s.

China y Taiwan advertise your sovereignty over the zone. Japan sostiene que China y Taiwan comenzaron a reivindicar su soberanía sober las Senkaku hace more than half sail through the discovery of possible petroleum reserves in the sea of ​​the Oriental China.

El gobierno de Xi Jinping including creating a digital museum and principles of what I say “help the spectators to better understand the hecho indistinguishable“Of the islands inhabited are part of the Chinese territory. Japan’s democratic governing body has protested against the media crisis.

China’s naval expansionist activities are causing more than one occupation in Japan, which is developing its territorial waters by the names of Xi Jinping’s regime, which he is planning to build on the nipples.

“We feel sorry for the expansion of the Chinese naval power in the Pacific Ocean,” said Congresswoman Yasuhide Nakayama, with experience in defense and diplomacy aids, in an interview with CNBC.

All countries have agreed to enter our territorial waters. In August, a hub was given 57 hours and a visit to our fishermen, ”he said.

The legislator also raised the importance of the angles that Japan supports with the United States. “We have a good alliance, we are protecting our freedom”, said.

Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping

Increase in defense costs

Japan’s Cabinet approves the passing of a record bill for the next fiscal year in April, including the estimate for the economy affected by the pandemic and another increase in defense spending in China.

The presumption project rises to 106.6 billion yen (1.03 trillion dollars), an increase of 3.8% with respect to this year in the course and the new annual consecutive increase.

Once the governing body is pushing for a record-breaking defense, by the second consecutive year, it will be 0.5% higher than in the 2020 fiscal year, and Japan will face the assertions of an assertive China and an unpredictable Korea Norte.

Between the militias of the guest gas military are the parties for the development of a new generation combat aircraft and for the development of a new missile.

“We will increase the capacity needed for national defense … in order to maintain the rhythm of the security barrier that is becoming more and more difficult,” said the Secretary of the Cabinet Skoolhoof Katsunobu Kato in an informative meeting regularly.


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