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According to analysts, the presumption was not a serious plan, without a campaign statement. Además, kritikus que se vale de su cargo y statsos recursos para proselitismo.

President Nayib Bukele has not given up on pursuing a political campaign since initiating his administration, and continues to pursue proselytizing using the 2021 presumption as a campaign card and trivializing its importance.

Roberto Rubio, Executive Director of the National Foundation for Development (Funde), said that President Bukele had confirmed that the Assembly did not hold much prestige and that the majority parties and the governing body “maravilla” played with the Assemblea y acusarla de estropear sus proyectos, aunque esta est haciendo contrapeso a su poder y pidiéndole explanations.

“The popular type echa la culpa a otros. Never accept his mistakes and what he should approve, and never in the history of the Laws of Peace, a presumption has been presented as to the Executive, in order that the Legislature does not exist, in order to approve in any way ”, dice Rubio.

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In respect of the published spot published the end of the week on the subject, reflecting that no vote explicitly the vote to the people, but maintains its strategy of “generate conflict as part of an electoral strategy to work through, and while the country is with problematic, he (Bukele) looks at an electoral reality, all the while looking at the electoral because the objective of the populist is concentrated power ”.

Leonor Selva, a political analyst and candidate nominated by Nuestro Tiempo, said that he had never seen in the country a president discussing important issues such as the nation’s reform and reform of the pension system in a campaign sport and not as a policy public series.

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“The announcement of the supreme master superstition, that well is a suicide like pais, the idea of ​​hosting the supremacy in two months, it is not a master supra because it is not given to the traditional parties, it is said to be which will have to pay for this excess of funds which is desperately needed in four months as its electoral months ”, Selva said. Suppose the president pretends to host the public dinner as part of an electoral campaign and not as an inversion plan for the country and the people.

“Clearly it is an electoral card, it is a blank card to the ministers that the guests ‘guests to the diner to live as they are working’ when in reality for the country, which has a 90% debt, is a suicide ”, indicates Selva.

The FMLN’s deputy, Víctor Suazo, states that the Executive’s electoral intent was evident from the initiation’s presentation.

“The spot was created by an initiative and when we saw the presumption and the analysis, we saw that the object with which we presented it was to create an economic stimulus for reactivation, but there was also a commotion of incitement. in terms of ingressos ”, says the legislator.

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In addition to the fact that the governor has a fictional projection of ingresses to support guests who do not have a support at the time, the only thing that can be done by the electoral office of the presumptive workers, without holding the necessary resources.

Suazo explains that the Executive presented a bonus issue of $ 1,342 million that would later be said to be not necessary for those funds to reduce the number of guests, which is supported by an initiative in the electoral strategy of the project.

“Now there is a new spot, which is very large, with more than six minutes, so it is very car, and it must be evident that it is correct that the Legislative Assembly has taken the matter into account for publicity,” she said.

In this spot, the ephemeral parliament criticizes that the Executive presents projects “that have nothing to do with what they present (in the presumption) and want to see the public that it is good to have reports on projects of municipalities and NGOs”.

Uso indebido de statsurs recursos

Eduardo Escobar, executive director of Acción Ciudadana, opine that President Bukele is hypothetically a hypothetical man who has won a seat in the Assembly and that he should not be using state resources to promote a political party or favor one.

“The spot on this island near the Assembly is being called a publicity stall to support New Ideas and utilizing state resources. It is questionable whether the charge is to be made for party politics, but to be using his presidential figure to make this type of propaganda, so that the Constitution is approved, ”Escobar said.

Rubio, de Funde, says that the president is using the presumption as an army of discussion policy and with the statements that the presidency will be held in four months, in addition to being illegal because livable projects are being carried out with scams , in addition to the levels of public opening of this and other governing markets between 70% and 80% of the presumption in one year.

“This governing body has shown considerable ineptitude, with these levels of sublimation that we have, make sure that this governing body has the ability to execute 90% or 100%, if it is safe to execute the El Salvador hospital that it has to be in Mayo and todavía not lo han terminado, lo cual hace que sea inviable lo que está planteando, en terminos operativos ”, dobbeltsteen Rubio.