Buffalo puede acabar con una gran racha de New England

The Buffalo and AFC Este – and Foxborough team qualified for the semifinals on Sunday 16 in which they eliminated the New England Patriots. We’ll cover the most interesting dates of this Monday Night Football, the last of the NFL’s 2020 campaign, protagonized by the COVID-19 theme and what escapes these teams.

  • Bills: Aseguraron su 1er. Title Department since 1995.

  • Wetsontwerpe: He allowed less than 20 points in 3 of his last 4 games made in 2 of his first 10 games.

  • Bills: No ganan the annual series vs Patriots since 1999 (Josh Allen ten 3 years of edad y Bill Belichick era DC of Jets).

  • Wetsontwerpe: The difference of 5 triumphs over the Patriots is the most amplified he has ever faced before they were released in December 1981.

  • Bills: 2-16 by Gillette Stadium in the Belichick era. It’s the 3rd. peor marks in the league in any stadium since 2000 (minimum 10 games).

  • Josh Allen (QB): 30 passes from TD in 2020. Bills’ record in a timeline belongs to Jim Kelly with 33 in 1991.

  • Patriots: Fuera de postemporada por 1ra. from December 2008.

  • Patriot: 20.6 PPJ this season. It’s the most popular since 2000 when Bill Belichick joined HC.

  • Patriots: In the case of perder, series of its first time with perdora mark since 2000 (1st. By Bill Belilchick).

  • Patriot: 1st. since the 2000 season that has been eliminated from the playoff spot.

  • Cam Newton (NE): 5 passes from TD in 328 intentions this year. Su pct. of TD is the 5th. more than a QB with 300+ intentions at a time in NFL history.