Buena Fe, Virulo y otros músicos cubanos cantan la communist conga “Con Cuba no te metas”


The theme is another burla to Trump and the Cuban exile

Buena Fe, Virulo y otros músicos cubanos cantan la communist con Cuba no te metas

Good Fe, Virulo and other Cuban musicians singing the Communist Congo Con Cuba in te metas. (Photo: Ministry of Culture-YouTube)

Cuban artists and musicians united in their voices on the stage of the video “Con Cuba no te metas”, a theme composed by Alejandro García “Virulo” and performed by popular artists from Iceland and the Congo of the Hoyos.

The new communist conquest led by President Donald Trump and the Cuban exile in Miami, celebrating the fall of the mandate with bomb and platoon.

Among the voices that live on this new Cuban communist propaganda are encounters: Moisés Valle “Yumurí”, Israel Rojas, Mayito Rivera, Pancho Amat, Pupy y Los que Son Son, many of them visiting Miami and attending United States with frequency.

Without explicitly mentioning the San Isidro Movement (MSI) in the 27N group, the theme reproduces the same discourse used by the vocalists and media in the last months to attack activists protagonizing a plant in the collective seat in La Habana to be violently disregarded by the political police and the artists and citizens who gather the MINCULT to follow up on demanding this class of oppressive actions.

José Manuel García Suárez, director of the video clip, which was recorded in record time and trained for 48 hours, recognizes that the production accounts with all the institutional support.

“We must respond to all the artistic gatherings that are taking place, to all the companies of the Culture, ARTEX, the EGREM, the Ministry in full”, verklaar a la Televisión oficial.

The musical video was shot in the Paseo del Prado habanero, with the participation of the Guaracheros de Regla.

Preoccupied the president anaranjado
Seeing that elections are losing
Solicita a los que le hacen los mandados
What if the party ended?
And thinking that the “bar” was going to happen
He formed a tithe
He refused to leave the White House
In the hall of despair he fell in love
The pelitos que le quedan los arranca
Pataleando por la rabia que le dio
And going to Cuba with his white bats
De cabeza se tiró
What confusion is confusion
The one who wants clarity that he wants to see
The game is not complete or deep
It is clear how to proceed
Only the ones we need are missing
Y eso no va a sukker
Con la conga de los Hoyos no te metas
No to metas, no to metas
Cuba viva sin que nadie la someta
No to metas, no to metas