British scientists are trying new drugs that could prevent COVID-19 from developing

British scientists try a new one medicine who can log that women are exposed to coronavirus no desarrollen la enfermedad. Experts say that pharmacy can save a lot of lives.

According to the British diary The Guardian, therapy with anticoagulants could be avoided immunity treated against the disease and can be treated as an emergency medicine and help to contain new crimes.

The pharmacy was developed by the University Collage London Hospitals NHS (UCLH) and AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical company that, together with the University of Oxford, developed one of the vacancies against COVID-19.

The new drug was developed with a combination of prolonged-action anticonvulsant combination as AZD7442. In the case of the anti-body products produced by the body, AZD7442 uses anti-body monoclonal that fueron created in a laboratory.

“Until the end, we injected up to 10 participants (staff, students and other people) who were exposed to the virus in the hogar, in a medical attention center or in the student residences”, dijo a The guardian Catherine Houlihan, the virologist who directs drug research.

The drug promises a protection It is believed that powder can play a vital role in reducing the impact of the virus in the world, as long as all human beings are safe immunized.

“The sale of this medicine is proportional anticuerpos intermediates, ”said Houlihan, noting that the vacancies were proportional to the complete amount of time a month had elapsed.

The team engaged in unveiling the new drug hopes that the test demonstrates that the anticoagulants can protect against COVID-19 during the period between six and 12 months.

As such, the drug will be available in March and April in the United Kingdom if it is approved by sanitary regulators, according to which revised evidence of its functioning.

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