Botanical Collection, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more

If the clock strikes tonight at midnight, we will finally have 2020 behind us and look forward to better times ahead. One of the first positive things to happen in 2021 is the release of new LEGO sets, including the launch of the Botanical Collection, as well as fun additions to setups like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, Super Mario and more. In fact, more than 100 new LEGO products will be launched on New Year’s Day and your guide to the best of these new versions can be found here.

In the gallery below you will find an outline of our standouts for the LEGO series of 2021, as well as links where you can order it or pre-order it. Note that these sets is expected to start tonight 31 December / 1 January at 21:00 PST / 00:00 EST.

The list below is just a fraction of the new versions LEGO has planned for New Year’s Day. You can see the full range of new LEGO sets here. While you are busy, you may want to check if LEGO is not planning any specials or free offers with these releases. Current LEGO offers and promotions can be found here.

Note: if you buy one of the amazing, independently selected products here, we may earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.

LEGO Botanical Collection


LEGO 2021 Botanical Collection: Do you kill every plant you touch? If so, LEGO’s new botanical collection is for you. These plant-oriented designs are intended for adults and are ideal for brightening up your desk or giving a little color to a room. No water needed! They can also offer a fun Valentine’s Day alternative to flowers. The first series of releases contains the following:


LEGO Star Wars


LEGO 2021 Star Wars set: The first Star Wars LEGO releases for 2021 are small sets, most of which are updates from previous offerings. The 75299 Trouble on Tatooine series based on the Star Wars: The Mandalorian episode “Chapter 9: The Marshal” is definitely the star of the show. You can order the Trouble on Tatooine set here for $ 29.99. The rest of the new Star Wars LEGO series can be ordered via the links below.


LEGO Harry Potter

lego harry pots

LEGO 2021 Harry Potter set: The notable offering in LEGO’s new Harry Potter series for 2021 is the addition of the 31201 Hogwarts Crest series to their art collection. Each set contains as many as 4249 pieces that you can use to build the Hogwarts crest of your choice – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw – in a brick-built frame suitable for hanging on the wall. You can order the Hogwarts crest here for $ 119.99, but you have to pick up four if you want to show all the crests at once.

The remaining sets in the Harry Potter series are small brick-designed toys with books opening to reveal a Hogwarts class – Charms, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration – in progress. Each set costs $ 29.99, and can be ordered here.


LEGO Police Station

lego police station

10278 Police Station: The most expensive LEGO release of the new year is the 2923-piece police station set, which features three floors full of detail and five minifigures. Will there be donuts? You bet, note that a donut shop is located right next to the police station on the first floor. You can order the police station here for $ 199.99. From the description:

“Escape to a glorious world of fraud, detection and donuts with this LEGO® Police Station (10278) model. Enjoy hours of immersive building as you create the three-story police station. View the brick stairs through detailed floors which is removed to let you explore inside. Next door is a donut shop full of goodies and, on the other hand, a newspaper kiosk. ‘


LEGO Disney


LEGO 2021 Disney set: The notable version in LEGO’s first Disney sets for 2021 is the Mickey and Minnie Mouse art set 31202, with which you can build a display of some character that can hang on a wall. You can order it here for $ 119.99. As with the Harry Potter art series presented earlier, you must own multiple copies if you want to display Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the same time.

You can buy the rest of Disney’s new LEGO series here. The 43192 Cinderella’s Royal Carriage (237 pieces) is another standout that you can order here for $ 39.99. On this note, the 4080-piece 71040 Disney Cinderella Castle set received only a rare stock.


LEGO Marvel


LEGO 2021 Marvel set: LEGO’s new range of Marvel sets is led by the 76175 Attack on the Spider Lair set (466 pieces), which can be ordered here for $ 69.99. It’s called ‘the first LEGO version of the superhero’s amazing headquarters – part of the high-tech headquarters and a partly super-cool teen room!’ From the description:

“Even superheroes sometimes need to relax in their room. But only Spider-Man can have a room like this! With a computer, PlayStation, basketball hoop with shooter, skateboard with ramp and a drinking area, it’s the best teenager. But it’s much more than that, it’s also the ultimate superhero headquarters, with Peter Parker’s camera, training equipment, motorcycle, Iron Spider Suit, weapons and even his own jail – all of which come in handy as the evil super villains Green Goblin and Venom force their way inside. ‘

The rest of LEGO’s Marvel series for New Year’s Day 2021 can be found here.